Brand Marketers Practising ‘Jugalbandi’ Of Digital, TV & Print

The panellist at BW Festival of Marketing sheds light on how traditional mediums are also digitalised as the digital format has features to measure the audience and the kind of content the audience is consuming

The media industry has crossed a long journey, starting with print, shifting to TV, and now adopting the digital format. The transformation was essential yet typical for the industry and still none of the modes has lost its relevance. The print has its certain audience, TV media has its own, and new heads are emerging who prefer digital modes of information. As none of the mediums are losing views and popularity, it signifies that time demands the marketers to efficiently collaborate (Jugalbandi) with all of these modes.   

Speaking on the collaboration, Siddharth Dabhade, Managing Director, MiQ, said, “All marketers look at these channels and their merits. Every brand marketer always takes decisions in a way that is best for their brand.” He also added that marketers do not look up to the debate of which is the best channel among all rather they prefer which channel suits their brand.  

Ankit Desai, CMO at Hershey Company, discussed the interplay of various marketing channels, noting that while digital marketing has been established for some time, contrary to predictions of traditional channels fading out, they have not experienced such a decline.

Desai highlighted that while traditional media enables marketers to connect with audiences they might not have otherwise reached, digital platforms equally excel in precise targeting, retargeting, and defining target groups (TG). One important input shared by Desai is the challenges faced by marketers to decide to spend on which channel to get the best outcome. 

The panel also shed light on how traditional mediums are also digitalised as the digital format has features to measure the audience and the content they are consuming.  

In this transforming era, every brand has its own way to utilise different channels to expand its reach. Sharing the same Desai said, “Every brand and organisation has their own unique way of what is working and what is not. For any brand before deciding on the vehicles, there is a need to work on the basic principles.” He emphasises communication effectiveness as one of the major principles that accelerate marketing performance.  

The ads have neither left the pages of newspapers nor TV advertisements disappeared yet. Along with these two, digital marketing is making its space significant and becoming popular day by day as people are consuming digital content more. Marketers are visible on every channel currently, however, they will be needing more smart strategies to go ahead with the same in the coming decade.