Brand Strategies For Everlasting Impact In Future

Techniques that the top brands will use for enduring impressions in the coming years

The panellists delineated the strategies which the leading brands will deploy to create their everlasting impact in the times ahead. They also delved into the brand's purpose and factors that impact the brand's image.

Speaking about the traditional mantra for marketing and advertising, Amit Wadhwa, CEO, Dentsu Creative India, stated that the right approach is to evolve along with being consistent and sticking to the company’s core. He referred to it as the dichotomy that must be pursued. 

Antara Kundu, GM-Marketing, The Body Shop (Asia South), emphasised the importance of maintaining a well-defined brand purpose. She defined brand purpose as "the why of what we do". Adding to Kundu's definition of brand purpose, Ameya Padmakar Velankar, Head of Marketing for India & South Asia, said that purpose is also defined in terms of what role the brand plays in consumer life.

 Velankar further added that segmentation, customisation, and contextualisation are three key factors that, if taken care of, will positively affect the brand's image in adapting to the evolving times and media. Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing, Motorola India, stated that along with consistency and simplicity, adapting to changing times by utilising new media platforms is also imperative. 

Regarding the brand image’s transformation, Manan Shah, Director Marketing-India and South East Asia, Truecaller, cited the example of its own brand, Truecaller, about how a brand that was basically used to serve a functional purpose has evolved to serve an emotional purpose over time by saving people’s time through identifying spam calls.

Advising the marketers playing in the field currently amidst such dynamic transformations, the experts stated that a brand in terms of its ethos and values should always remain the same. To this, Ankur Gattani, VP-Growth and Marketing, Webengage, added, "Personality-wise, you want to remain the same, but the message might evolve a little bit." 

They also conveyed that with the availability of technology and the explosion of data today, it is very important for marketers not to forget what their brand stands for and why consumers like it, especially when they are constantly under pressure to hop on to the next big thing.