Brands Celebrate Father’s Day With Special Campaigns & Offers

Legacy Collective of Bacardi India and BharatMatrimony launches unique campaigns while CKC Jewellers offers signature collection for celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, to celebrate fathers and fatherhood, for everything that he has done is almost here. 

Fathers deserve all the recognition and admiration for their tireless efforts in uplifting their families. Here are a few brands paying tribute to all the fathers for their unwavering love and expression. The heart-melting campaigns launched by brands and the unique collection offerings are perfect for making one take a closer look at their father. 

Legacy Collective - Bacardi India

On the occasion of  Father’s Day, actor Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani are seen coming together to celebrate Legacy Collective, a lifestyle brand from the house of Bacardi India. The DVC portrays the modern-day relationship between a father and son by showcasing a father’s legacy through the eyes of his sons. 

Talking about his experience, Boman Irani said, “I really enjoyed working on this film, especially since it was the first time the three of us came together in front of the camera. It so subtly and nicely captures the bond between a father and his sons, while touching upon the legacy that a father creates in his lifetime.”

The film begins with Irani waking up on Father's Day missing his sons and hoping for a surprise all day, only to be let down at every turn. His sons, on the other hand, finally surprise him by appearing as Irani's iconic figures, with a funny banner announcing "HFD!" The film depicts the close bond between a father and his kids, and it concludes with a toast to his legacy and a sincere gift from his sons, the Legacy Collective box, symbolising their love and gratitude for him. The film captures the essence of Irani's multifaceted persona and portrays a true portrait of the man and legend, emphasising the importance of his role as a father in his personal life and leaving a lasting impression on his children.

 Ayaesha Gooptu, Head of Domestic Brown Spirits, Bacardi, India & Legacy Collective, stated, “Legacy Collective is a celebration of homegrown brands and stories rooted in Indianness. The latest DVC by Legacy Collective beautifully captures this ethos of the platform through light-hearted yet evocative storytelling. Featuring Boman Irani and his sons Kayoze Irani and Danesh Irani together for the very first time, the Father’s Day exclusive video comes as an authentic celebration of the heartwarming relationship fathers share with their children and the legacy of countless memories that they build together in the process, on this special occasion. 

OML Entertainment conceptualised this film to construct a novel narrative that hopes to strike a relatable chord with people.

CKC Group of Jewellers

From the very beginning, before we were born, fathers have been our unsung heroes. To complete his special day, pamper him with a memorable Father's Day gift.

Rare Scents offers a signature collection from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers for the occasion of Father’s Day. The brand also offers gold chains, bracelets, chic-style kurta buttons, cuff links, tie bars, personalised rings, and more in their special collection to make Father's Day even more special to all the fathers.


BharatMatrimony launches an ad campaign apologising to all fathers and depicting the father-daughter bond nicely for Father's Day. 

The campaign is driven by the realisation that, while fathers want their daughters to marry, they find it difficult to see their little girls grow up. It captures images of profoundly distraught fathers at 'bidaai,' a tradition in which brides prepare to move in with their new family after giving their parents a tearful farewell. 

Arjun Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer,, said, “For fathers, marriage is a mixed bag of emotions. Often perceived as a pillar of support and strength, we wanted to reveal the more vulnerable and humane side of fathers in our message this Father’s Day. So while we are thrilled to help couples find each other and make countless parents happy, we also feel bad about making fathers cry as their daughters leave home to make their own. So, this Father’s Day, we just want to say, ‘sorry, for all tears and you’re welcome for all the joys.” 

Elaborating on the idea, Amit Akali, Co-founder and CCO of WYP Wondrlab, said “At Wondrlab, we always want to create work steeped in human emotion. As India’s No. 1 matrimony service, we believe BharatMatrimony is the only brand who can truly take this stance.” Adding to this Gauri Gokarn, Content Director at WYP Wondrlab, shared, “We love the idea of a big brand who is responsible for many happy weddings, saying a heartfelt “sorry” to fathers for simply doing its job well. Because as much as we may like to think of them as tears of joy, weddings are the one time when we see the fragile side of our heroes.”

The film concludes with BharatMatrimony's 'apology' for finding daughters their right mates and so being responsible for this bittersweet separation.