Brands Celebrate The Anchors In Our Lives- Fathers

This Father’s Day, brands have stepped forward in their own unique ways to appreciate the wondrous selfless heroes who we call fathers

Fathers are the real-life heroes in their children’s lives, the inspiration behind their actions and one of the most influential figures in their upbringing. Brands across the globe have been elevated to capture their unconditional bond with their children and have rolled out special campaigns to honor these brave yet generous souls on the occasion of Father's Day.

1. Philips

With their campaign #KhulKeBolo with TVF, the brands takes you through the bond between a Father and a Son, the deep affection that each has for the other despite being unable to express their feelings for one another. The campaign brings to life moments from everyday lives while exploring the deep love between fathers and their sons and also highlighting the awkwardness that often inhibits them from expressing their feelings for each other. The overall motive of the campaign is to emphasize on the need for children to express their love and affection for their fathers.

Commenting on the campaign Vidyut Kaul, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian subcontinent says “At Philips, we are celebrating the expression of love this Father’s Day. The campaign #KhulKeBolo focuses on the Father-Son relationship and how expressing feelings with simple conversations, words and gestures goes a long way. The notion and thought behind the campaign focuses on how fathers and sons can better express their love and affection for each other and create simple yet cherished moments in their lives.”

"Fathers instill confidence and self-esteem in their sons while growing up - a father's influence on the son is unmatched. However, there is a formal layer in this relationship and they’re often unable to express emotions openly to each other. In an endearing take on this extraordinary relationship, TVF, in partnership with Philips India, brings out how a father’s day gift of Philips OneBlade and a game of Never Have I Ever leads to a special moment between father & son. The video inspires the spirit of #KhulKeBolo with your fathers on this special occasion. Further, we’ve brought this story alive from the loved universe of Aspirants with Abhilash & Dhairya, giving fans more of their favorite content," adds Vijay Koshy, President, The Viral Fever.

2. Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich's #FathersofInnovation campaign aims to redefine fatherhood by acknowledging innovators who blazed their own trail by giving birth to path-breaking ideas.

#FathersofInnovation manifests the true spirit of innovation in consonance with the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt which in itself is a reflection of integrity, passion and pioneering spirit passed down through five generations.

With its second year in the running, Glenfiddich continues to celebrate the lives of men who have fathered significant contributions and fostered transformation in their respective field of study, right from robotics and artificial intelligence to space exploration and design innovation. The campaign focuses on the experiments and learnings of risk takers, innovators, disruptors and trailblazers who stared fear in eye, defied norms and continued to change the world to this day.

Commenting on the campaign, Angad Singh Gandhi, Glenfiddich India Brand Ambassador said, “The #FathersofInnovation campaign is a reverence to some of the brightest minds we have in the world. In its second year running, we celebrate the indomitable spirit behind the invention of pioneering technologies and innovations. An essence that stands true to Glenfiddich’s philosophy of being relentless, ingenious and irrepressible.”

3. Cars24

Cars24 has rolled out its latest heart-warming campaign- Kyuki Papa Sab Jaante Hain- through a poetic video to show some love to the big-man on Father’s Day. The video celebrates the man who doesn’t wear a cape but is our eternally favourite superhero – the one we can always fall back upon!

The video, starring actor Varun Sharma- the Hindi film industry’s go-to guy for comedy, is a representation of the bond children share with their fathers; especially when you sat on the driving seat of a car for the first time and he was there to give you the much-needed confidence or when you broke his car’s windows while playing cricket and he pretended he didn't know it was you who did it. He’s always there, making you feel safe and secure.

Conceptualized by writer Amandeep Singh, directed by Namit Nath, the video commemorates fathers all around and their endearing love to nurture, shape and encourage their kids in their own unique way.

 4. Luminous

This Father’s Day, Luminous Power Technologies puts a spotlight on how the role of fathers has evolved over time with their campaign #DadHeroes. Be it the helping hand in household chores and childcare activities to sometimes taking charge of the kitchen, this video-led wish post is a beautiful ode to all the Super Dads.

While sticking to traditional sentiments and wishes is a norm, AutumnGrey Bangalore aided Luminous Power Technologies in voicing their thoughts about progressive fathers in a video where the #DadHeroes of Luminous Power Technologies can be seen sharing the responsibilities of their “khushiyon ka ghar”. It was an enriching experience to see the #DadHeroes of Luminous to showcase their pictures and videos of what they had cooked, how they cleaned their house, and how they are not just a pillar of strength but also a confidante and a friend.

This modern and forward-thinking concept celebrates fathers in a new light within Luminous Power Technologies’ #KhushiyonKaGhar.

5. Tring

With Father’s Day arriving this June 20th, tring made the occasion highly memorable for one fabulous father. A recently released video, filled with warmth and emotion, captures the former 5-time world chess champion Viswanathan Anand sending his wishes to a father on behalf of his son and daughter. The video, having perfectly captured the true essence of the occasion, has gone on to garner an impressive over 3.8 lakh views in 5 days, with fans showering their love and support on the clip.

The clip sees the son capture his father’s reaction on seeing ‘Vishy’, his idol, on a TV screen conveying his deepest regards on Father’s Day on behalf of his two children. It takes little or no time for his face to light up and be completely star-struck, as he watches the sporting legend present him the gift of a lifetime. Watching the father, who seems to be a fan of the game, teary-eyed on this unexpected surprise, this reaction is a true representation of the personalized engagement experience that tring brings to life.

Along with Viswanathan Anand who is exclusively on tring, the platform offers fans the chance to gift a personalized wish from the best celebrities this Father’s Day. In addition to Prem Chopra, Vishwanathan Anand, Aparna Mehta, Jayati Bhatia, Hiten Tejwani, Amar Upadhyay, Anang Desai, their impressive roster includes personalities from Bollywood, regional cinema, OTT, the world of sports as well as international artistes, singers, sportspeople, motivators and influencers, amongst others. One can even avail Flat 30% OFF this Father's Day by using the code SUPERDAD30.

Speaking about the recent fan reaction video, Akshay Saini, CEO and Co-Founder of tring said “We started with a mission to spread happiness and bring smiles to India’s legion of fans. Taking this very thought forward, we, wanted to share the deep emotions of happiness, from our users, that are not tangible, and yet something we can’t really put a price on. This video perfectly captures and showcases the sheer joy, better than anything we can say and do as a brand. Just like this clip, that sees a Chess icon wishing a Chess fan, our diversified portfolio sees a host of celebrities, from various walks of life, spread joy to their ardent fans through such wishes. These little silver linings, like a tring from your favourite celebrity can make even dark times lighter, and happy times more joyous. Here’s wishing all the loving dads everywhere, a very Happy Father’s Day from us!”


6. Aviva India

Often, fathers are the unsung heroes; they believe in you when you do not, they guide you through every hurdle of your lives. Growing up you learn innumerable skills from your fathers be it driving, gardening or being calm in the most turbulent situations. One of the skills you miss out on is taking care of your finances, which is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills.

Father’s Day, on June 20, has come at a time when the world is going through an unprecedented crisis, economies are straining to recover, businesses are struggling to reopen, and individuals are trying to survive job losses, pay-cuts and financial hardships. One way to celebrate this day would be to recall the financial wisdom imparted by your father and use it to make the right choices and come through these difficult times.

On this Father’s Day, Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing, Aviva India suggests financial lessons to imbibe from fathers for the benefit of families’ secured future- 

  1. Devise a Budget

No matter how hard you work or how much you earn, it is quite unlikely that you can save or invest without a proper budget. Living within means inculcates spending discipline, ensures better financial health and influences sound financial decisions. Taking stock of your income and prioritising expenses such as EMIs, rent, childcare, groceries, utilities, etc. is essential. In the COVID-19 era, especially, a fixed budget can enable us to keep tabs on our income, expenditure, and savings, and help see us through this or any crisis.

  1. Learn to save

It all started with the piggy bank when fathers would give their children a coin, usually of a particular denomination, over several weeks or months. As they grew up and started working, fathers advised their children to set aside a portion of their income every month and use it for shopping, home renovation, a holiday or an emergency. The lockdown has offered most people a chance to reduce unnecessary expenses, or discretionary spending, and save for a time when it might be needed the most Eventualities such as job medical emergency, job loss have become a reality for many in this era which should act like a lesson for all.

  1. Limit debt

Unplanned debts can spoil anyone's financial health. This would have helped you assess your needs for taking a loan by making a choice between necessary expenses and the irrelevant ones. It is crucial to avoid unnecessary debts and stay away from the burden of a high EMI. Debt should be opted to accomplish a financial goal. It is important to understand the difference between a good and bad debt. Managing debt by keeping track and paying EMIs and bills on time should be a habit to avoid uncertainties.

  1. Importance of a safety net

Fathers never fret in turbulent situations because they always have a plan B ready, and it is necessary to learn from them and take all actions to ensure financial security. Opting for term insurance is a great way to start in case of any unfortunate circumstances, it is the safety net for family as they provide death benefits apart from regular income to the policyholder or the nominee. Choosing a term plan with regular income, or pension after a certain age, could be an ideal option. To nurture financial independence, parents must encourage children to plan ahead, set milestones and work towards fulfilling it.

  1. Assess and Invest

The piggy bank is a perfect analogy for financial planning or setting financial goals from a young age. It inculcates the habit of savings and investment, and sets long- term, albeit realistic, goals for the future. At the barebones level, investments are nothing but savings that are craftily converted into higher return paying options over a relatively longer period.  Most fathers suggest, it would be best if you spread your savings over different investment avenues to minimize the effect of volatilities. Various options available are direct equity, mutual funds, government schemes like NPS, PPF and Banks fixed deposit schemes.

  1. Plan for Retirement

One thing fathers do not talk about is retirement plans because it seems far-fetched, but retirement arrives much sooner than one expects. It is advisable to start investing in a Pension scheme or a guaranteed income plan at a young age to be financially independent after retirement.

Busy looking out for families, fathers usually do not plan for themselves. Parenthood prompts them to start planning right off the bat, draw up plans and set goals for their children. However, children are sometimes excluded from this. Your father is still your best teacher. It is your responsibility to learn financial planning and ensure to maximize the savings and make the right decisions for a secure future and retirement.  


7. TVS Eurogrip

TVS Srichakra has rolled out a social media campaign #TurnItAround to celebrate Father’s Day 2021. Taking a simple, contextual situation that children are experiencing right now, due to the second wave of the pandemic, the campaign talks about how Fathers are our everyday heroes who can turn around any situation.

Commenting on the campaign P Madhavan, EVP – Sales & Marketing, TVS Srichakra said, “The insight picked up for our Father’s Day campaign is extremely relatable to present-day fathers of young children. It brings alive the bond cherished between a father and his daughter, through a simple act of ‘motorbike ride’ together. #TurnItAround is themed around how despite limitations presented by the pandemic, fathers have managed to engage and bring a smile on the face of their kids. We as a brand, stand by them.”