Britannia's Winkin’ Cow Adds AR Magic To Pongal Celebrations

Conceptualised and executed by Britannia Winkin' Cow and Schbang, the #WinkinBackTraditions campaign aims to rejuvenate the allure of the traditional Pongal festivities

Britannia's beverage brand Winkin’ Cow brings an extra dose of delight to this year's Pongal celebration with a new campaign. It is aimed at giving a contemporary spin to the traditional harvest festival, featuring the Winkin' Cow AR filter!

Conceptualised and executed by Britannia Winkin' Cow and Schbang, the #WinkinBackTraditions campaign seeks to revive the charm of the traditional Pongal experience. 

Speaking about the campaign, Abhishek Sinha, Chief Business Officer, Britannia Dairy Industries, said, “In the dynamic landscape of Tamil Nadu's market, Winkin' Cow has become synonymous with thick shakes and consumer love. Pongal, being a cultural cornerstone, is an opportune moment for us to showcase how technology meets traditions. With our AR Filter and the #WinkinBackTraditions campaign, Britannia Winkin' Cow is re-affirming its dedication to preserving and enriching the diverse roots of our culture.”

Through the introduction of an immersive AR filter, this campaign artfully blends cultural rituals with a contemporary touch.

The AR filter provides users with a virtual rendition of Pongal celebrations. When directed towards a flat surface, it animates a pot of boiling milk on users' phones. Users are encouraged to utter the festive phrase, 'Winkin’ Pongal O Pongal,' while also highlighting the importance of Mattu Pongal. The central focus of this immersive Pongal setup is the brand mascot, Winkin’.

Vrinda Bajaj, Group Brand Solutions Manager, Schbang, said, “In a market where Britannia Winkin' Cow has received overwhelming love, our aim was to reciprocate by offering consumers an immersive experience that sparks nostalgia and redefines Pongal celebrations in the Urban era. Through the seamless blend of technology and creativity, we've enabled the urban audience to relive the charm of Pongal in a way that resonates with today's tech-savvy generation. This campaign is not just a celebration; it's a curated fusion of tradition and innovation, bringing Pongal to the audiences’ fingertips like never before!”

Effortlessly, the AR filter smoothly shifts from a close-up of the mascot to its recognisable position on the product. As the filter concludes, Britannia Winkin' Cow warmly extends Pongal wishes to the audience, spreading cheer and warmth.

As a continuation of the campaign, influencers based in Tamil Nadu, such as Mani Megalai and Deepika Venkatachalam, share their own Pongal experiences, urging their followers to engage with and make use of the AR filter.

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