Budweiser Collaborates With Influencers Unveiling Reality Of Content Creation

Budweiser Beats energy drink collaborates with Niharika NM & Srushti Tawade, giving viewers an inside scoop on what goes on behind-the- scenes with creators on the gram

Budweiser Beats energy drink released an initiative to motivate content creators and highlighting the work required for creating it. The campaign highlights the creative process and the hard work that young artists need to put in to create a 30-second Reel, an engaging teaser, or a song that connects with the audience. The brand worked with two energetic Gen Z artists who embody the essence of creativity, passion, and energy to bring this concept to life. 

The daily struggles and creative roadblocks that Srushti Tawade, a rapper writer, and Niharika NM, a global creator, face while producing their viral videos are discussed. The audience gets a glimpse at what happens in a candid behind-the-scenes journey, revealing the truth and labour of content development. Budweiser Beats energy drink continues to be their go-to companion throughout this process, stimulating their imagination and refining their concentration as they utilise their artistic creativity.

Sharing more on the campaign, Niharika NM, exclaimed, “When we see a 60-sec Reel, we often forget the 60+ hours of hard work that’s put behind it, not just by the creators but their entire crew. To top it, relatability is key to the humour and constantly reinventing the wheel can be a daunting task. Working with Budweiser Beats energy drink has been interesting, as the collab sheds light on the genuine hard work that goes into create content - day in, day out. It's a challenging journey, yet an exhilarating one, and I'm thrilled to offer my community a glimpse into my creative process." 

Echoing Niharika’s sentiments, Srushti Tawade, shared, “Kudos to Budweiser Beats energy drink, for bringing to fore all the madness that goes on behind-the-scenes, which is easy to miss and not captured enough on our Instagram feeds. The timing of the drop could not have been more perfect, serving as a great foundation for the release of my new single. The collaboration captures some exciting and enjoyable moments from my creative process with Budweiser Beats energy drink being my only constant, getting me and my crew through it all.”

Describing the brand world Budweiser Beats energy drink is creating, Vineet Sharma, Vice President - Marketing, AB InBev India added, "Our goal with the campaign is to celebrate and highlight the creative process of emerging and established creators. This initiative captures the incredible energy, passion, and dedication that fuels content creation. Unlike adventure-focused narratives adopted by other players in the category, Budweiser Beats energy drink serves as a go-to source for sharpening creative focus - empowering artists and creators to overcome challenges, push boundaries, maintain focus, and power through creative blocks."