Cheil India Unveils MG Motor India's 2024 Campaign With British-Indian Narrative Spin

MG Motor India introduces a multimedia trilogy celebrating 'Unbelievable Delight', capturing the spirit of customer satisfaction through offerings on its 2024 models and trims

Cheil India unveils a fresh campaign for the brand, drawing inspiration from the 'Unbelievable Delight' encapsulated in MG Motor India's latest offerings. 

“Since its launch in 2019, MG Motor India has been known for its unique approach to humanizing technology and providing best-in-class features. Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to enhance and evolve our brand story further. By offering the right features at the right price, we are trying to capitalise on all points of leverage to draw attention to the uniqueness of our brand and increase brand love,” says Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India.

Beyond conventional advertising channels like print, radio, and digital, the multimedia campaign centres around a trilogy of thematic films, capturing and applauding the spirit of customer delight.

Amit Nandwani, National Creative Director, Cheil India says, “We wanted to explore a clutter-breaking visual route while finding a way to keep the context relatable and films enjoyable. Leaning into the idea of unbelievable delight, each film drives home the point in a light-hearted, fun way with a memorable visual twist at the end. And through the endearing banter of the Indian-British duo, we have tried to marry the British heritage and Indian connect of the brand.”

Comprising individual films dedicated to each of its three SUVs - Hector, Astor and Gloster, the campaign showcases two protagonists, one Indian and one British, engaged in conversations across diverse settings. They delve into the prices that MG Motor India is offering on its 2024 models and trims.

 Neeraj Bassi, Chief Growth Officer, Cheil India says, "Working on an iconic brand like MG is a pure delight. For it’s brand, which is not afraid to push the envelope yet endeavours to stay true to its core Britishness, very much a part of its identity. We are excited to partner with MG Motor in this campaign, where its humour grows on you as the narrative unfolds over a span of multiple films. We hope that consumers will enjoy these films immensely.”

In the first film, the pricing of the MG Hector Diesel 2024 is humorously depicted through the British idiom of 'Flying pigs.' The second installment features a whimsical 'Unicorn,' emphasising the qualities of the MG Astor 2024, seamlessly blending technology and comfort. The concluding film employs the notion of 'money growing on trees,' underscoring the enticing pricing of the MG Gloster 2024.

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