Cleartax Unveils New Ad Campaign Starring Gulshan Grover To Alleviate Tax Filing Fear

The campaign demonstrates the fear that people experience while paying their personal taxes, and how Cleartax can help them overcome it with easy and hassle-free solutions

Cleartax unveiled a new campaign featuring actor, Gulshan Grover. The ad campaign demonstrates the fear and anxiety that many people experience while paying their personal taxes, and how Cleartax can help them overcome it with easy and hassle-free solutions. Grover is portrayed in the ad film as the OG Badman, personifying the fear of ITR filing that people experience as tax season approaches. He is puzzled however, when he encounters a young user who appears to be entirely at ease, owing to the fact that he has already filed his taxes via Cleartax. 

For many people, filing taxes is a hassle. Many people are unsure about which ITR form to use, which regime is ideal for them, which supporting documents to review, and which schedules to include in their ITR. This campaign effectively illustrates how, with Cleartax, such concerns can be easily addressed.

Archit Gupta, Founder & CEO at Clear, said “Cleartax has been super simplifying tax filing for a decade. We understand the emotions at play and have brought in many features to quell the fear of tax filing. With multiple income streams opening up for users such as crypto, e-gaming, F&O, domestic and foreign capital gains, complex business returns - the perceived complications with filing taxes have multiplied. Through this campaign, we want to show taxpayers that Cleartax is here to take care of all their tax-related worries and make their lives easier.”

Anand Krishnan Creative Director, Sunny Side Up said “If our relationship with money is complicated, with taxes, it is downright dreadful. There is a swirl of emotions one goes through when you hear the word tax - and fear is the most dominant one. The campaign is a quirky take on a serious topic, and the idea is to make the Cleartax user feel exactly how one is supposed to - a simple process that you get done with quickly.”

On the campaign, Gulshan Grover stated, “Who isn’t scared of taxes? And who better to scare the audience than the bad man? It was a perfect match, I loved the script and thought it was tailor made for my screen persona. Later I found out that it was written specifically for me. It was an exciting project to be a part of.” 

With digital collaborations, the integrated campaign comprises the internet, audio, and social. Cleartax's ITR filing product includes data pre-fill, transaction autofetch, and auto calculation for capital gains, including loss set off and carry forward, as well as cryptocurrency reporting and tax filing. It can handle every conceivable filing circumstance. 

Cleartax's technology automatically recommends which tax regime is most beneficial to the user. It has simplified complicated tax terminology and discovered tax recommendations to help customers optimise their taxes. the technology allows users to perform their whole income tax filing procedure, including filing, verification, return status check, refund status check, and so on.