Commitment Meets Claims: Policybazaar’s New Mantra

The ads portray Policybazaar’s spirit of going above and beyond during the moment of truth

Reinstating the brand promise of steadfast claim support, Policybazaar has recently released its campaign that closely captures its unparalleled assistance to customers during their hour of need. Insurance is often associated with paperwork and fine print, but Policybazaar's new ads aim to humanise the process. By focusing on the emotional aspects of what goes behind every claim, and the real impact that it makes on people's lives, the campaign aims to break down barriers and connect with customers on a personal level.  

In one ad, a Policybazaar executive can be seen running around to complete the claim formalities while on a video call with his daughter who’s waiting for him on her birthday. As he efficiently handles the formalities, he extends a reassuring hand to the policyholder’s wife confirming the approval of their health claim and informs her that she can take her husband home.

The other ad unfolds with a heartwarming revelation in an exchange between a patient and a nurse.

Samir Sethi, head of brand marketing at Policybazaar, says, “Policybazaar's commitment to claims goes beyond paperwork; it's about delivering tangible reassurance when it matters most. The ads highlight Policybazaar's streamlined claims process, emphasising speed, transparency and efficiency. The brand’s dedication to settling claims with utmost urgency is showcased as a cornerstone of its service. The ad represents the brand’s core value of standing by the customer when they need it the most.” 

Dheeraj Renganath, Chief Creative Officer of the creative agency MagicCircle Communications explains, “This campaign had to address the common but untrue perception that customers are on their own when it comes to claim settlement and that it’s supposed to be cumbersome by design. After hearing first-hand accounts of people who received end-to-end assistance from Policybazaar at the time of claim, we knew what we had to do. We just had to show the Policybazaar executives for who they truly are – people who go beyond the call of duty to help you in the time of need.”

The campaign is rooted in the idea of raising awareness about the importance of a robust claims process. Policybazaar deeply believes that insurance is not just about policies but people, and has been working towards making claims a hassle-free and seamless experience.

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