Connecting With The Consumer

Aditya Babbar aims to develop an organisation that is exemplary and is constantly evolving to deal with changing consumer behaviour

Aditya Babbar has been instrumental in growing the Samsung brand and market share in the smartphone industry in India. He is responsible for driving strategies around product marketing, product development and P&L management.

“The mobile business is a high-intensity and fast-paced business that requires speed of execution, thinking big growth, identifying gaps and building products for the Indian consumer,” says Babbar, Senior Director - Head Product & Marketing, Samsung India. 

In the course of his work of knowing the consumer and understanding the Indian market, Babbar has developed categories and campaigns for different products. He has launched several products over the years, which have won consumers’ hearts.

Leveraging Opportunities

For Babbar, one of his great achievements that helped the organisation in rapid growth is the creation of the Bharat Smartphone with Airtel (M01 core). He says, “With data explosion, feature phone users required an entry-level smartphone that could enable their smartphone experience without compromising a good screen and battery life.” 

He explains consumers usually aspire to own the latest technology but some barriers restrain them from upgrading their handset. This includes the resale value of the old phone and the cost of ownership. Babbar has been instrumental in the creation of Galaxy Forever and Galaxy Assured Innovation and has created two new platforms in partnership with Survify to boost sales after Covid-19. 

Part of Samsung’s leadership team, he is contributed to the success of the Samsung mobile business in India, which claims the top position through the creation of innovative products, platforms and solutions in the smartphone space. He has created marketing campaigns in driving smartphone adoption and growth of the category in India.

High Aspirations

Babbar’s objective is to develop an organisation that is exemplary in the industry and is constantly evolving to deal with new consumer behaviour. He believes that the biggest challenge a marketer faces is maintaining a meaningful relationship with the consumer. He wants to challenge the status quo to uncover a new way of connecting with the consumer in the most authentic manner. 

Apart from other accolades, in 2013 and 2017, he won the Samsung Superstar Award - Silver and Samsung Superstar Award - Gold, respectively.  

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