Consumers Are Receptive To Videos If The Content Effectively Connects With Them: Sahil Sethi

At the launch of the #VicksKholIndiaBol cheer anthem, Sahil Sethi, Category Leader of Personal Healthcare at P&G India spoke to BW Marketing World about the new campaign, the vision it holds for the cricket season and the changing marketing landscape

In a recent interview with BW Marketing World, Sahil Sethi, Category Leader of Personal Healthcare at P&G India, shared his insights on the ever-evolving marketing landscape and Vicks India's latest campaign, #VicksKholIndiaBol.

With over a decade of experience, Sethi described his journey as ‘amazing’ and emphasized the continuous evolution of the marketing industry. He noted that the media landscape, in particular, has undergone significant changes, becoming increasingly dynamic in the past four to five years. In this era of rapid technological advancement and emerging platforms, Sethi stressed the importance of remaining in a perpetual learning mode, even necessitating the unlearning of old strategies to adapt to new trends and consumer behaviours.

Sethi acknowledged the resurgence of traditional media channels and the rising prominence of digital Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. He highlighted that the marketing landscape has recently witnessed a shift towards a blend of both traditional and digital touchpoints. OOH campaigns, especially those utilising digital billboards with features like augmented reality and touchscreens, have caught the attention of audiences, offering novel and engaging experiences. He emphasised that as long as consumers are receptive to such content and platforms, marketers will continue to explore and invest in these areas.

Connecting with the Youth 

Sethi highlighted that while the core issue of "khich khich" (throat irritation) remains relevant, the approach to delivering the brand's message has evolved. He said, “Vicks Ki Goli lo, Khich Khich Durr Karo as a jingle has been there for ages and we all have seen as growing up the ads and how relevant those were for us. So even for the Gen Z and the younger audiences this insight is very relevant because it's not like Khich khich has gone away from our lives. It is still very much there.”

Sethi cited the example of a recent campaign featuring Ranveer Singh, which resonated with Gen Z by addressing the evolving career choices and opportunities available to them. Sethi emphasised that Vicks aims to position itself as a relevant solution within the contexts that matter most to its consumers, adapting its messaging to stay connected with younger audiences.

#VicksKholIndiaBol Campaign

Discussing Vicks India's latest campaign, #VicksKholIndiaBol, Sethi noted that cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, going beyond being just a sport. This campaign aims to celebrate the power of cheering and the emotional connection people have with cricket, especially during the festive season. To reach consumers effectively, the brand plans to leverage various touchpoints. This includes distribution on platforms like YouTube and Hotstar, engagement with digital influencers, and multiple phases of activations designed to involve consumers in creating their content.

Sethi also underscored the importance of storytelling in Vicks' marketing strategy. While acknowledging the debate around the effectiveness of long-form versus short-form content, he stated “The focus should always be on creating engaging and resonant content.”

While shorter versions of the campaign will be created, he believes that consumers are receptive to long-form videos if the content effectively connects with them. Vicks intends to leverage both long and short formats to cater to diverse audience preferences.

Moreover, to ensure that the #VicksKholIndiaBol campaign reaches its intended audience, Sethi shared that the team has devised a holistic media plan for the coming months. This plan considers the effectiveness and efficiency of various media touchpoints. Digital media and influencer marketing will play pivotal roles in amplifying the campaign's reach. The team's approach is flexible, allowing them to adjust based on the campaign's performance across different platforms.