Creative Designing Trends In 2021

Agencies use one colour as the foundation and other colours belong to the same family. This colour palette streamlines the design that brings unity and harmony in the overall design strategy

The creative design industry was already undergoing tremendous transformation before 2020. However, with the onset of the ongoing pandemic, many changes have taken place on a large and rapid scale. Agencies are looking for opportunities that can fulfil the new customer behaviour through an impactful design. Furthermore, they are emphasising on technology to offer personalised branding solutions and user experience. 

Before 2020, the industry witnessed futuristic trends being applied in designing industry. But the trends in 2021 are going to be all about putting the customers and people first. The agencies are cocreating designs with disruptive products and services, making the overall design strategy more agile and innovative. Considering the changes prevailing in the industry, five key trends are going to shape the graphic design industry. 

Monochromatic Palettes

Single colour palettes work amazingly in streamlining the design. Agencies use one colour as the foundation and other colours belong to the same family. This colour palette streamlines the design that brings unity and harmony in the overall design strategy. This year, the designers are more focused on creating a cohesive look for different collaterals including – logos, social media creative, PowerPoint presentation design, and others. This palette brings versatility and simplifies the design to captivate customers’ attention.  Thus, many forward-moving organizations are rebranding their image in 2021 by shifting from multi-hued elements to monochromatic schemes. 

Use Of 3D Elements

Integrating 3D elements in design is not a new concept. Before and during 2020, agencies transitioned from flat i.e. 2D to 3D elements. The designs featuring 2D elements do not create depth in any way that attracts the customers. However, using 3D elements is certainly one of the most advanced concepts offered by graphic design agencies. The customers are visually moving towards augmented and virtual reality concepts. This results in creating immersive designs across online and offline platforms. The use of the 3D design in the upcoming year is predicted to blur the visible divider between the physical and virtual world. 

Illustration Based Designs

The world is becoming competitive with many innovative minds starting their business. In this scenario, the agencies are using illustrations in designs and animated explainer videos tailored to the personality of the brand. It benefits the brand in showcasing its own distinctive style and branding. Many organizations are moving to vector-based illustrations from conventional designs – mainly to revamp the brand logos and mascots. The agencies gain complete control over the illustration that helps in setting the right visuals. It further helps in achieving adaptability in design which is crucial for creating a memorable brand image. The character of the illustration can be used across social media platforms, website, PowerPoint presentations, pitch decks, etc.  

Muted And Colourless Tones

A good design has always been about making the perfect blend of using high contrasting and bold colours. It was considered an apt way of attracting the immediate attention of the customers. However, the 2021 trend is going to be a backlash with muted and colourless tones. This is the era of technology and virtual reality in which customers and all of us spend maximum time on screens. Thus, in such cases, the focus of agencies will be muted colours. The soft and subtle shades mainly in grayscale and pastels will be the right fit for new-age brands. These shades appear natural and easy on eyes while giving refined appeal to the overall design. 

Elevated Typography Design

Exclusive typographic elements are gaining huge prominence and it is going to stay for long. Use of geometric and organic fonts while maintaining exclusivity in 3D concepts is getting popular in 2021. Elevation and multi-dimensional concepts provide a realistic appeal to the viewer. Furthermore, many graphic design agencies believe elevated typography concepts have become a great symbol of innovation in many playful ways. It further opens multiple ways of communicating the brand idea with extreme flexibility and versatility. 

Presently, the industry is moving at a great speed in terms of innovation. With new trends coming into the picture, the graphic design agencies are experiencing unprecedented growth. Thus, using agile concepts, designers can create a powerful impact on brand image as well as customer experience delivery.   

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