D'decor Unveils FabriCare Campaign with Shah Rukh Khan & Alia Bhatt As Brand Ambassadors

The campaign has been conceptualised by 82.5 Communications and intends to reshape the benchmarks for aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality in household textiles

D'decor introduced its new soft furnishing brand, FabriCare, in collaboration with actors Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan. With the aim of transforming the Indian home furnishing landscape, FabriCare by D’Decor intends to reshape the benchmarks for aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality in household textiles.

Speaking about the campaign, Nikita Desai – VP – Strategy, Brand and Business Excellence says “Consumers’ experience with curtain and upholstery in their homes is filled with anxiety arising from the fear of tarnishing their furnishings. The key insight that the FabriCare campaign rests on is ‘Beautiful things do not need to be fragile and achieving strength and beauty if made possible will liberate the consumer from restrictions.’ This insight led to a creative thought ‘Don’t Handle with Care’ - a call to our consumers to live carefree within their homes with FabriCare!”

The brand film featuring the dynamic Bollywood pair, Khan and Bhatt, encapsulates the concept of 'Beauty that needs no protection.'  Set within a beautifully crafted home, the film unfolds a compelling story where the tranquility of the surroundings is threatened by unexpected guests. Seamlessly blending action and entertainment, FabriCare by D’Decor unites Bhatt and Khan, infusing their distinctive charisma into the narrative.

"I have been with D’Decor for more than 13 years now and it is one brand that is home to me in every sense of the word. Having seen the brand grow with every passing year, it fills me with immense pride to see the launch of their new brand FabriCare – High-Performance Fabrics by D’Decor. I am sure, like D’Decor, FabriCare will also beautify many, many homes and give more power to the consumers to live stress-free without worrying about the mishaps on their couch or curtains”, said  Shah Rukh Khan, Brand Ambassador of FabriCare by D’Decor.

Moreover, FabriCare by D’Decor has passed through rigorous performance testing and quality checks with an in-house NABL-accredited lab as well as third-party labs.

Alia Bhatt, Brand Ambassador,  FabriCare by D’Decor commented, “I am extremely happy to be part of the D’Decor family which has dressed beautiful homes across the world. When beauty meets high performance, durability, and functionality, you get FabriCare - High-Performance Fabrics by D’Decor. I am really looking forward to our journey together.”

FabriCare by D’Decor offers an expansive collection of more than 800 SKUs, encompassing upholstery and curtain fabrics. Crafted with meticulous care by D'Decor's skilled Product Development team, these designs harmoniously fuse global trends, Indian consumer choices, and deep fabric knowledge, resulting in a captivating range.

Ajay Arora, Managing Director, D’Decor Home Fabrics commented, “D’Decor has been a disruptor in the category since inception. With the launch of a new brand from the house of D’Decor: FabriCare, High-Performance Fabrics by D’Decor, we are raising the bar by launching fabrics which are high on aesthetics and assure a superior functional performance. Having invested heavily on research and quality checks we are confident that the performance of our fabrics will exceed expectations and hence we are offering a three-year limited warranty, the only brand to offer a warranty in home furnishing fabrics.”

FabriCare by D’Decor offers five key product ranges namely FabriCare Easy Clean (stain resistant and easy clean fabrics), FabriCare Indoor/Outdoor - UV proof and fade resistant fabrics which can be used in outdoor spaces as well as indoors, FabriCare Home Wash - range of curtains that can be safely machine washed with no need for dry cleaning, FabriCare Room Darkening – that has 100 per cent blackout curtains without the need for a separate blackout lining, FabriCare Flame Retardant – which make fabrics less flammable.

“The FabriCare collections comprise an array of plains and textures in a wide spectrum of color, ranging from warm hues to deeper tones, to the evergreen classic neutrals. The FabriCare range of furnishing fabrics showcases varied looks that go all year round, from minimalist modern to more vibrant and colourful interiors. From organic spaces to plush luxurious settings, we have it all at FabriCare. FabriCare, from the House of D’Decor, is positioned to fulfill the Indian consumer’s needs and home decor requirements, giving them multiple color & design options along with High Performance, Easy Care & more!” stated Simone Arora, Creative Director - D’Decor Home Fabrics.

FabriCare by D’Decor aspires to reshape the landscape of home fashion in India by offering top-notch fabrics that combine quality with functionality, catering to the discerning needs of Indian consumers.