DS Group Celebrates Food In New TVC With Akshay Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda

The TV commercial has been conceptualised by Dentsu Creative

DS Group unveiled a new television commercial for Catch Salt & Spices, aiming to reinforce its brand identity with the tagline, "Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota." Conceptualised by Dentsu Creative, the advertisement primarily revolves around Catch Hing.

Sandeep Ghosh, Business Head, DS Spiceo emphasised the importance of spices in Indian cuisine, saying, "We are thrilled to unveil this exciting TVC, which not only reinforces our brand's core message of 'Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota,' but also showcases the exceptional qualities of our Hing product. Our continued partnership with Akshay Kumar and the introduction of Kriti Kharbanda underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are confident that this TVC will resonate with our customers and reaffirm DS Group as their trusted choice for culinary essentials."

The TVC features actors Akshay Kumar and Kriti Kharbanda. The film embodies the concept that food goes beyond basic sustenance, representing an experience, a celebration of tastes, and a manifestation of affection. By spotlighting Hing as the central element, the advertisement underscores the brand's commitment to delivering premium, genuine, and flavourful products that enhance every dining experience.

Ujjwal Anand, Executive Vice President, Dentsu Creative said, “Catch Salts & Spices is a forward-thinking brand, boasting a diverse array of top-notch offerings. With its new strategic direction, the brand aims to explore the profound relationship consumers have with food, promising to disrupt the conventional norms within the competitive market.”

The Catch Hing TV commercial creatively utilises the term 'Khushboo,' translating to 'Aroma.' This wordplay adds an element of delight to the film while effectively conveying the product and brand's message and proposition.

On the collaboration,  Actor Akshay Kumar expressed, "I am truly excited to continue my association with DS Group and their Catch Hing campaign. 'Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota' has always resonated with me because it emphasises the deeper significance of food in our lives. Food is not just sustenance; it's an expression of love, culture, and emotions. With this new TV commercial centred around ‘Hing’, we aim to convey that message even more powerfully. I'm proud to be a part of a brand that values quality and authenticity in the culinary world, and I believe this TVC will further strengthen DS Group's position as a trusted name in every Indian kitchen."

The film opens with Kumar, playing the role of a husband, entering a home carrying a bag filled with groceries, including a variety of spices, and informing his wife ‘Khushboo’ that he brought all the groceries from the market. His attention is piqued when he notices a young boy peering into his house, sparking his curiosity about the boy's intentions. The boy is captivated by the enticing aroma wafting from the kitchen, and upon Kumar’s questioning, he unknowingly says he is attracted to Khushboo (not his wife but Aroma) in the kitchen where his wife, Kharbanda is using Catch Hing for cooking. To correct the misunderstanding Kumar proceeds to introduce the boy to Catch Hing, highlighting its authentic fragrance. In the closing scenes, both men are seen savouring a delicious Indian meal prepared using Catch 'Hing' where Kumar delivers the message that "Khana sirf khana nahi hota, “bigadte mamle ko sambhalne ka zariya bhi hota hai," which translates to "Food is not just food, it's also a way to handle delicate situations." It reinforces the essence of Khusboo (aroma) in cooking, enhancing flavour and serving as a crucial indicator of ingredient quality and freshness, thereby adding value – to taste, to the situation, to relationships, and more.

Kriti Kharbanda, actress, shared, "I am truly honoured to join DS Group's journey in reinforces the essence of 'Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota’. The new TV commercial not only celebrates the essence of this message but also introduces the magic of Hing as a culinary game-changer. Having grown up in a household where my mom extensively used Catch masalas in her culinary creations, it's a source of immense pride for me to be associated with the brand today."

In addition to television channels, the TV commercial will also be amplified across various digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.