Don’t Confuse Trolls With Customers- #WhyBoycottTanishq

My only questions here remains- didn’t the makers expect such a reaction?

Certainly not a first, the latest ad by Tanishq has sparked controversy and bridged a divide between its defenders and offenders. While the ad is grabbing a fair deal of eyeballs, it is also being marred by malicious judgements and point-of-views- of being sexist, promoting love jihad, etc. 

Released a week ago, the ad features an interfaith baby shower, which to me is an excellent concept- full of love and sensitivity! I am all praise for the brand to approve of and boldly put forward an issue not appreciated by many in the society. It is to breaking stereotypes, challenging societal norms and religious harmony that is troubling some laggards in the society. These are the same people who are condemning and trolling the ad with #BoycottTanishq, resulting in the brand to pull off such a wondrous work. They view it as ‘completely against the idea of India’. *Slow claps* for the brand to show peaceful coexistence of two religions. I mean, who does that in a secular state like India? Isn’t it?

Coming to those who have always been reiterating their faith in a unified brand like Tanishq, that has stood strong for its core values, are disheartened by the brand succumbing to this peripheral pressure of the trolls. The supporters are urging Mr. Tata to not get bogged down by such meaningless & unintelligible offenders and keep celebrating women that Tanishq has always endeavoured. 

In fact, in a statement by The Advertising Club, they are of a clear consensus that the ad breaks no ethical standards, nor is derogatory to any religion or belief.

Despite the above, we saw a bag mixed of opinions, some from prominent personalities as well. Have a look:

And then, an apology statement by the brand...

My only questions here remains- didn’t the makers expect such a reaction?

We are not strangers to this at all. I am only dispirited by that fact that they withdrew the ad not because they had realized their mistake but because they feared the bigots would harm their employees and store staff. Knocked sideways there! 

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