Dove Men+Care Challenges Gender Norms With Father's Day Film

The campaign #ManEnoughToCare redefines masculinity and celebrates emotional strength

Dove Men+Care made its debut in India with a campaign emphasising the importance of transforming care for men. In addition, to celebrate Father's Day, the brand has developed an engaging film that defies social expectations of masculinity with inspiring instances that redefine what it means to be a father in today's society. The brand hopes to encourage young men in the country to accept their emotional side and go beyond traditional ideas of masculinity by embracing care as its key value.

Talking about the brand’s first campaign, Harman Dhillon, Vice President - Skin Care, Colour Cosmetics & Dove Masterbrand commented, “At Dove Men+Care, we believe that care is a symbol of power rather than being perceived as vulnerability. We are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of modern Indian men, motivating them to prioritize self-care and express care fearlessly. Our first product launch, the 2-in-1 Shampoo+Conditioner, marks the beginning of this transformative journey. Through our Father’s Day campaign, we remain steadfast in eliminating rigid gender barriers, fostering meaningful dialogues around self-care and empowering men to embrace care as an indispensable aspect of their personal journey.”  

In the campaign film, Dove Men+Care paints a beautiful antithesis of societal expectations of gender norms against multiple instances capturing the essence of care, support and playfulness. As opposed to using shoulders to lift weights, the film features a father using his strong arms to support his child in a swimming pool, beautifully capturing a heart-warming moment. The viewer is taken on a journey through similar touching scenes where the term kick-starting is used metaphorically to illustrate the father helping his son ace his first tricycle ride and getting one’s hands dirty referenced to indulging in a head massage and painting together.  

The video concludes with a father dropping his daughter home to safety before getting back to work late at night, underlining the multifaceted nature of new-age fathers, creating meaningful experiences, and recognising their unwavering devotion. The depiction serves as a testament to the evolving role of fathers, celebrating their nurturing spirit and the profound impact they have on their child’s well-being. The end slate features Dove Men+Care thanking fathers for being #ManEnoughToCare with the final scene capturing a moving instance, a father and son standing side by side, displaying striking similarities. This end scene highlights the invaluable role dad’s play in nurturing their kids and making them compassionate, caring individuals of tomorrow.

Zenobia Pithawalla, Senior Executive Creative Director & Mihir Chanchani, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy added “Society expects men to behave in a certain way. Phrases used in everyday parlance like ‘Be a man’, ‘Boys don’t cry’ stand witness to society’s expectations of a man.”

Dove Men+Care highlights men who have defied stereotypes and aren't afraid to reveal their tender side. We cast genuine fathers and their children in our Father's Day campaigns. We captured their genuine interactions, and as the softer, caring side of them emerges, no holds barred, delivering on what the brand stands for - Man Enough To Care.