Elon Musk Discloses Audio & Video Calls for X

The feature will be available and operate across Android, iOS, PC, and Mac platforms

Elon Musk revealed that an upcoming feature for X, formerly Twitter, will enable audio and video calls on the platform. This functionality is set to seamlessly operate across Android, iOS, PC, and Mac platforms. Importantly, these calls can be initiated without the necessity of a phone number. Musk emphasised that X effectively serves as a worldwide contact directory.

Musk took to Twitter about the forthcoming addition of video and audio calls to X. He also highlighted a distinctive aspect of the feature, noting that it won't necessitate the use of a phone number. He tweeted, "Video & audio calls coming to X. The new feature does not require a phone number."

Having been hinted at on multiple occasions in the past, the anticipated new feature of X is now on the verge of being unveiled in an upcoming update. Andrea Conway, Twitter designer, previously provided glimpses of this feature, showcasing aspects like the user interface.

The interface for the audio and video call feature closely resembles that of other applications providing in-app calling functionality. Users will be presented with the choice to initiate either an audio or video call directly from the DM section. Musk has not clarified whether this upcoming feature will be exclusively accessible to Blue subscribers or if it will be extended to all users of X.

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