Entrepreneurs Uncover Their Father's Most Valuable Business Wisdom

A father showers us with the gift of many learnings. New-age entrepreneurs give a sneak peek into how their dads have been their eternal role models and allayed many of their apprehensions

It may be difficult to express the link between a child and his father in words, but the two will never lose their love and understanding for one another. A child learns a lot from his father at different stages of his life. These are the traits that will stay with them for years to come and will enable them to make better life decisions.

For many business leaders, their fathers had a profound influence on their perspective of life and, even more importantly, in encouraging them in their business practices.

Ishaan Sudheer Bahl, Founder & CEO of Risa Hospitality shares “I have learned so much from my father over the years, both professionally and personally, but a few lessons that will stick with me throughout my entrepreneurial journey are; First, his ideology is that a strong leader makes most of his decisions in a calm and composed headspace, which is something I like to incorporate in my day-to-day life at work and try to instil in my management team as well. Second, he has an extraordinary eye for detail and an incredible palate when it comes to food; he believes that one must be intimately familiar with the product. Every single dish at Khyber is my father's inception and he is so well versed with everything that is being served there, which is something I have implemented at 145 as well.

Mihir Vijay Desai, Founder of Corum Hospitality expresses, “From my early teenage years, Dad encouraged me to set goals, whether it was something as simple as picking up a hobby, trying a new sport, or learning a new skill. Setting measurable goals didn’t have to be rigorous, they just had to be things that were important to us and could be achieved. Today, I still keep a list of goals. Although I’m not quite as organized as I would like to be—I still make it a priority to outline the steps necessary to reach my goals and watch how I’m progressing.

The goals you set in life shouldn’t be too lofty. They should be attainable, actionable, and forward-looking. Everyone gets sidetracked, but if you learn the value of proper goal-setting early on, the benefits will follow you throughout your life and career."

Jayesh Suriender Kathuria, Founder of VK Group comments, “Since my early adolescence, I have been involved with my father's business and have begun to take on responsibilities at the age of 22. He has been my inspiration to have larger goals in life and has given me the guidelines to constantly work towards them. He always told us that struggle is good, one has to be patient in life, work smartly, and take risks to attain success.

My dad's honesty and work ethics in all his relationships and reputation he garnered have come along the way in his journey. I always admire him for dreaming big and constantly having higher goals at an age when people are usually planning their retirement and then working day in and day out toward that goal always inspires me to continue.”

Kunal Bhimji Patel, MD & Founder of Monika Alcobev asserts, “The most valuable lesson that I took from my father was to never give up. He's had his ups and downs, but one thing he's taught me is to never quit on our aspirations, which I'm hoping to instil in my own child.

I was extremely fortunate to be a part of his journey and the company's inception. Seeing him create something out of nothing was enough to encourage me to carry on his legacy.”

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