Finolex Pipes Unveils Comical Ad Campaign Highlighting Utility Of CPVC, SWR Pipes

The two campaigns have been executed in collaboration with Schbang Motion Pictures

Finolex Pipes released its new ad campaign, injecting humour and insight into the narrative. The brand introduced two ad films emphasising the practicality and utility of their CPVC and SWR pipes.

In collaboration with Schbang Motion Pictures, the ad films showcase engaging discussions between three plumbers about the distinctive attributes of each pipe. The goal is to inform and entertain the viewers, establishing a strong consumer connection by employing humour and relatable situations.    

Ashok Jaiswar, Vice-President, Head of Marketing and Communications at Finolex Industries, shared his thoughts, stating. “After receiving a positive response from our valued customers and pertinent stakeholders for our campaign 'Peedhiyan Badlengi, Pipe Nahi,' we are delighted to announce the forthcoming sequels. These new campaigns are not just about showcasing our products but it’s about celebrating the trust our customers have placed in us. Our unwavering commitment remains in delivering top-quality solutions that stand the test of time. These ad films embody our core ideology of trust, innovation, and reliability." He added, "Humour is a universal language, and through these entertaining ad films, we aim to connect with our consumers in a light-hearted and relatable way. The characters, coupled with the witty taglines, highlight the durability and functionality of our pipes, making it easier for consumers to connect with our brand."

The films illustrate the long-lasting advantages of Finolex CPVC Pipes. The tagline for Finolex CPVC Pipes, "Thanda-garam sahega, paani behta rahega," underscores their enduring capability to handle both hot and cold water, even under high pressure, ensuring a continuous flow. Likewise, for Finolex SWR Pipeline, the tagline "Easy to fit hain, har mausam mein hit hai" highlights the pipe's ease of installation and its reliability, making it a choice for all seasons.

Harshit Karnatak, Group Creative Manager at Schbang, also expressed his excitement, stating, "Our partnership with Finolex for this endeavour was a thrilling chance to spotlight innovation and dependability in the plumbing domain. Through the cinematic lens, we infused vitality into Finolex's 'Peedhiyan Badlengi, Pipe Nahi' campaign, placing its fundamental principles and the long-lasting trust it fosters under the spotlight."