Gen Alpha: The Emerging Force In The Marketing Arena

Gen Alpha possesses enough intelligence to make well-informed purchasing decisions and is gradually establishing itself as a dominant force in the realm of marketing

The advent of technology has brought about a remarkable transformation in every industry, leading to a new set of consumers that has significantly impacted marketing strategies. Marketing, an essential element across all sectors over the past few decades, initially targeted Generation Z and Millennials. However, in today's digital era, the dominant force in the consumer market is 'Gen Alpha', a promising audience for businesses.

Gen Alpha is born after 2009 and the oldest age group of this cohort is currently 13 or 14 years old. According to GroupM India TYNY Report 2024, as this age bracket is approaching to teen years, they are exerting a major influence on most purchases made in the family, beyond just the products targeted to them.

The report emphasised Gen Alpha which is over 25 per cent of India’s population as the most educated, informed and precocious generation ever. Weighing on this M A Parthasarathy, chief strategy officer, South Asia at GroupM said, “These young individuals possess a remarkable level of knowledge and awareness beyond their age and are greatly influenced by what is right and wrong.”

He stressed that it is important for brands to tap into their belief and engage in sincere and genuine marketing strategies, avoiding any form of deceptive practices.

The report also highlighted that Gen Alpha will lead to different marketing strategies which include tech-powered engagement, voice and video-based discovery, interactive experiences, gamification and a focused influencer strategy.

This claim is further reinforced by a Digital Voice report, which indicates that 57 per cent of these individuals dedicate over three hours of their daily routine to internet usage. Consequently, amplifying their exposure to influencer’s online content and marketing.

Gen Alpha Navigating The Digital Media

Gen Alpha, the tech-savvy generation, is renowned for its proficiency in navigating digital media. As a result, marketers have found digital marketing advantageous for targeting this demographic. The effectiveness of these strategies is further enhanced through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Parthasarathy, when discussing the role of AI in marketing, said undoubtedly this advanced technology is set to revolutionise various aspects of marketing, including optimisation, content creation and measurement.

Ashwin Padmanabhan, president - investments, trading, and partnerships, GroupM, India indicated a growth rate of approximately 10.2 per cent for India’s ad revenue in 2024, with digital media spearheading the charge at 13 per cent and propelling the overall expansion of ad revenue.

Asserting in a similar vein, Parveen Sheik, head of business intelligence at GroupM India, said that digital advertising will play a dominant role, accounting for an impressive 79 per cent share of all ad revenue.

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