Gen Z Focus Drives Digital Transformation In Social Initiatives, Says Virat Khullar

Hyundai's 'Samarth' initiative, aligning with global progress for humanity, emphasizes inclusive mobility and disability awareness. Their collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan amplifies the company's commitment to positive change

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) introduced the 'Samarth' initiative, touching a mass-scale inclusive mobility project. Actor Shah Rukh Khan in collaboration with HMIL unveiled the initiative, focusing on raising awareness and empowering individuals with disabilities in India. Aligned with the global vision of 'Progress for Humanity,' 'Samarth' aims to create awareness, build a mass movement, and foster a more inclusive and sensitised society for people with disabilities in India.

At the unveiling, Un Soo Kim, MD & CEO, HMIL, stated "At Hyundai, we believe in being more than just a manufacturer of smart mobility solutions; we strive to be a social solution provider". He emphasised the importance of Samarth under the global vision of progress for humanity, positioning it as a crucial step in providing freedom of movement for all individuals. 

Virat Khullar, AVP & Vertical Head, Marketing, Hyundai Motor India, shed light on the initiative with BW Marketing World, stating, "It is a corporate purpose initiative to bring inclusivity and awareness to disabled people. We are also working or trying to engage governments, states and unions wherein they can be partnerships on creating more and more already over and above the great work that they have done in this field." The partnership with NDTV aims to drive awareness by sharing empowering stories and creating a more inclusive narrative.

The Purpose Within

The initiative reflects the company's commitment to empowering India through technological advancements as well as also through impactful social initiatives. The campaign operates under the pillars of earth, mobility, and hope, embodying Hyundai's adherence to creating positive change in society.

Khullar emphasised the inclusivity of the initiative, stating, "It is a very inclusive, awareness-driven, purpose initiative which we really feel strongly because it comes under our global vision of progress for humanity."

Partnering with GoSports Foundation and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, Hyundai Motor India aims to provide comprehensive support to differently-abled individuals. The collaboration with GoSports Foundation includes an exclusive program supporting para-athletes on their journey towards the Paralympics, emphasising equity, innovation, and vocational education.

In partnership with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, HMIL goes beyond sports support. The initiative involves supplying assistive devices to those with disabilities and using blind cricket as a platform for the physical and social development of the visually impaired. The program encompasses training camps and international bilateral series for the national Blind cricket team.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new initiative, actor Shah Rukh Khan, said, “Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) (CSR arm of Hyundai Motor India) in partnership with GoSports Foundation, a 15-year-old national award-winning foundation, are starting an exclusive programme to provide holistic support to para-athletes in India towards the quest for Paralympics. The programme will support a mix of emerging & elite athletes in both team events and individual sports to promote equity for the community of people with disabilities, foster a culture of innovation, upskill through vocational education, and positively impact the para-sports ecosystem to inspire the nation."

Inclusivity For All

To internalise inclusivity, Hyundai pledges to revamp physical business locations, and to make all dealerships and workshops wheelchair accessible by February 2024. The introduction of Swivel Seats and Accessories, developed in collaboration with MOBIS, underscores the company's commitment to crafting automobiles that prioritise safety, comfort, and convenience for everyone.

"With Samarth, we aspire to create a world where individuals can grow into the best version of themselves. This change aims to showcase the true capabilities of people with disabilities, fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment for all," remarked Kim.

Addressing the diverse demographic of India, Khullar highlighted the initiative's inclusivity for all age groups, from children to veterans. The focus on Gen Z aligns with the evolving nature of social initiatives, becoming more digital and social-media-driven.