Goafest 2023: Day 3 Wrap

The final day of Goafest 2023 witnessed knowledge sessions and panel discussions with industry experts

The final day of Goafest 2023 has arrived after two wonderful days of Knowledge Seminars, Conclaves by industry experts, and creative minds participating at the ABBY One Show Awards. Once again, we got the day began most amazingly. Indian playback singer Papon entertained the audience that his voice and demeanour had them spellbound. His songs, harmony, and beautiful voice enthralled the audience, making them sway from start to finish.

Post the musical performance, the final day at Goafest began with a Knowledge Seminar by Anymind, titled, Seven Principles For The Future Of Creativity led by Nick Law, Global Creative Chairperson, Accenture Song. The significance of developing and upholding principles as a brand was extensively covered in this session. Law stated, “Every company needs to have consistent principles and dynamic practices. Sometimes, our industry sometimes forgets that it needs to be dynamic.” 

The session emphasised the importance of embracing creativity, technology, and collaboration to drive innovation, create meaningful experiences, and deliver effective creative solutions in the evolving digital landscape, ultimately transforming the way brands connect with audiences and shaping the future of advertising. Law’s tenets served as a compass, illuminating the way forward for artists, designers, marketers, and anyone looking to harness the power of creativity, in an ever-changing landscape. 

Day 3 of Goafest witnessed two masterclasses as well. The first masterclass was presented by Bharat Avalani, the visionary founder and CEO of Connecting the Dots Marketing Consultancy. The seminar focused on the AFAA's 'Communicators as Storytellers' theme and highlighted the craft of being a corporate storyteller as well as the deep influence that stories play in influencing brand experiences. People are inherently more interested in people than companies, which is why the masterclass focused on consumer insights, strategy, and brand communication through storytelling.  

The second masterclass by Silverpush titled ‘Dynamic Video Optimisation: Unlocking the Full Potential of Video Advertising’ was presented by Rahul Joshi. The seminar focused on dynamic video optimisation, revealing the great potential of video advertising and offering tactics for optimising and leveraging its impact for maximum outcomes. Joshi's main goal was to create long-term technology that would get marketers interested in videos and generate conversions from them. Furthermore, the masterclass explored how advertisers may increase conversions using videos and make a huge impact through DVO and narrative. Joshi concluded the presentation by illustrating how DVO may assist advertisers display their products based on region, language, or user behaviour using Silverpush's Himalaya face wash use case.

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