Halloween 2023: Spooktacular Brand Campaigns Take Limelight

Brands embrace tech and tradition to create delights on Halloween, gaining momentum among the youth

As Halloween gains momentum in India, brands are bringing creative campaigns to attract the spirits of the season. Indian businesses today are becoming a part of it and have recognised the commercial prospects that Halloween presents. From Cadbury's Choclairs Halloween Haunt to Chupa Chups' Halloween Hacks 2.0, these campaigns blend innovative technology with mysterious experiences with a bewitching journey for consumers.

Cadbury is turning every day scares into a spine-tingling Halloween with its Choclairs Halloween Haunt with their month-long, multichannel spookfest. The brand seizes the opportunity to connect with the modern consumer, especially Gen Z who embark upon the occasion. The campaign invites fans to embark on eerie escapades through digital, social, and on-ground platforms by scanning QR codes on the special edition Cadbury Choclairs pack. This unlocks the Ghost Cam, a portal to haunted visuals lurking in the corners of your home and familiar places. 

Nitin Saini, Vice President- Marketing, Mondelez India expressed the brand's approach stating, "Seeing the growing interest and opportunity the occasion has to offer which perfectly fits with our brand offering Choclairs, we intend to own the Halloween “trick or treat” celebration."

Saini also highlighted that the inclination to appeal to Gen Z and Millenial audiences in top metros are widely exposed to such trends and the medium for engagement is primarily digital/social media platforms along with some on-ground extension. He stressed, "The campaign has witnessed over 7 lakh site visits till now. That being said, we are now seeing an uptick for such events in Tier 2 cities as well and will continue to keep an overall check on how the sentiment evolves in India."

Archies shared a social media post with their mascot, Ama, wishing them Happy Halloween. Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director, Archies underlined the brands can aim to not just spook this Halloween, but also delight and inspire. He commented, "It's a season where we can transform our products into spells, our campaigns into enchantments, and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of our customers. With our beloved mascot, Ama, by our side, we're ready to cast a spell of joy and wonder this Halloween."

Chupa Chups redefines the Halloween experience with their Chupa Chups Halloween Hacks 2.0 campaign. It combines augmented reality (AR) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and personalised style customization to transport users into an enchanting Halloween realm, all from the comfort of their homes.

The AR technology incorporates a spooky landscape where users can experiment with avatars, embracing the latest Gen Z hairstyles and fashion trends.

With technology being used in campaigns, Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, DRIM Global stressed that brands incorporate immersive technologies like AR and VR to offer engaging, interactive experiences for customers. She also mentioned eco-consciousness being a theme, with brands focusing on sustainable, biodegradable Halloween products. She stated,  "Inclusivity is key, featuring diverse and representative characters to connect with a broader audience and demonstrate social responsibility." 

She further added, "Brands are leveraging performance marketing and influencer marketing to measure campaign effectiveness, ensuring a strong return on investment." These strategies being implemented and executed aim to not only boost sales but also make a positive impact by reducing environmental footprint and fostering a sense of belonging and representation among consumers.

Burger King takes the social media post that transforms the menu into a treat for all. Their creative spin on Halloween offerings is to tempt the taste buds of consumers and put a ghoulish grin on their faces.

Faasos introduces a 'Trick' or 'Treat' Happy Halloween promotion. Various product and pack activations promise unexpected delights, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Halloween celebrations.

These creative campaigns showcase the spirit of marketers, redefining how Indians celebrate this spooky season. 

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