How Does Drip Marketing Scale Business

Drip marketing assists in boosting sales by converting visitors into buyers, increases repeat purchases and reconnects with the stagnant audience

Communication plays an important role in delivering the brand message and has the power to make or break the brand effectively. Marketers always channel a variety of manoeuvres to refine brand communication, attract relevant leads and expand customer base. One such method that has proved to be successful is Drip Communication or Drip Marketing.

About Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is the process of breaking down any sort of marketing communication into a series of “drips” that is automatically sent to the target audience at a set interval or based on the actions they take. Organizations leverage drip marketing to keep in touch with their customers in a personalized and targeted way to strengthen the bond.

Drip marketing focuses on encouraging coherence in communication and subsequently prodding prospects towards making a purchase rather than selling point-blank.

Why Employ Drip Campaigns?

The traditional way of one-time advertising to increase conversions is no more the growth mantra. Accounting to the oscillating purchase decisions of a buyer, brands often need to nurture leads for a while prior to converting the sale. Drip marketing can assist with boosting sales by converting visitors into buyers, increasing repeat purchases, and reconnecting with a stagnant audience.


● A survey among 2000 people showed that half of them were engaged in “an unending loop of searching for products, services, and content to support behaviour changing”.

● Around 90% of consumers stated that they were more inclined towards purchasing from companies that recognize and remember them. Drip campaigns aid this action.

Drip Marketing Growth Statistics

● Average drip campaign CTRs are 3-times higher than single send emails.

● Lead nurturing emails are responded to 4-10 times compared to mass emails.

● Generate 50% more sales-ready leads through steady communication with customers.

● Companies affirmed a 20% increase in sales after implementing drip campaigns.

● Brands generated 80% more sales at a 30% lower cost.

● Emails via the Drip campaign drove 18 times more revenue than generic emails.

● Automating the campaigns has led to at least a 10% increase in revenue in 6-9 months.

The Best Performing Points Of Drip Marketing - An Overview

● Coherent Lead Nurturing

Drip marketing serves as an effective tool to timely reach out to leads with the right information to ensure steady communication. This in turn helps in driving the leads across the sales funnel.

● Personalization And Improved Engagement

Personalized drip emails have a far better click rate compared to generic emails as these are triggered by user interaction and have higher relevancy. This reduces the reaction time, thus facilitating the brand to avoid doing anything extra to gain user attention.

● Saves Time, Effort, And Resources

Mails are pre-written and drip flows are pre-designed to initiate smoothly based on user behaviour. This not only saves time but also enhances the marketing team’s efficiency to improvise on other strategies.

● Spiked Up-Selling And Cross-Selling

Drip marketing focuses on nurturing relations with a customer even after a sale and makes way for a lasting association. To encourage a repurchasing decision, recommending products to friends and family, or asking for a review, drip emails serve it well. And, the best part is that brand awareness also improved simultaneously.

Drip Campaigns To Implement For Scaling Business:-

● Event-based Automation

Date-based automation makes it possible to communicate with the audience on important dates and festivals thus driving Festive Sales.

● First Purchase Automation

Thanking customers for making their first purchase seeds a special relationship between them and the brand and strengthens customer loyalty.

● Subscription Renewal

Drip campaigns can be leveraged to entice the audience with new offers and timely deals while reminding them to renew the subscriptions. This also gives a chance to inculcate the values of the brand in the buyer’s mind.

● Product Recommendation

A great way to boost sales is by suggesting related items based on past purchases and recent searches. These can be included in confirmation or shipment notification.

● Abandoned Shopping Carts

A well-framed abandoned cart email can encourage customers to reappraise the purchase.

● Nurturing Leads

Lead nurturing campaigns can take many forms. These can either educate the audiences about the products and the services of the brand or go into the finer detail about a particular type of product. These campaigns have the ability not only to increase sales but purchase value as well.

● Welcome And Onboarding Emails

Welcome emails are a key to making a good impression when someone new joins the audience. These could include welcome discount coupons or share exclusive deals for the newcomers and make them aware of the brand’s values.

● Birthdays And Anniversaries

Sending mails on birthdays and anniversaries can be a great way to strengthen brand values and perhaps even cue a purchase.

● Empathetic Follow-up

Drip campaigns can be utilized to ask for ratings, feedback or provide a special “we miss you” offer when someone on the list unsubscribes from an e-newsletter. Brands can also follow up within a short while to woo customers’ minds.

The Author is Siddhartha Vanvani, Founder & Director, Digidarts 

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