How IPL 2024 Can Set The Stage For Brands With Influencer Marketing Campaigns

From new product roll-outs and sparking brand conversations to presenting exclusive deals, influencer marketing stands as a crucial strategy for brands seeking significant achievements during the IPL season

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is recognised as the single most-watched event in India, representing not only a celebration of sport but also a significant opportunity for brand marketing. Especially for those without the extensive resources of larger corporations, IPL seasons provide an effective and engaging alternative through influencer marketing. Last year's IPL season showcased the growing potential of this approach, drawing millions into conversations and interactions sparked by social media influencers.

Why Turn To IPL Influencer Marketing?

The IPL captivates a passionate audience, presenting brands with a special opportunity to engage in 'moment marketing.' The previous season's official broadcast figures were impressive, with Disney Star reporting 505 million viewers and JioCinema recording 449 million online viewers, highlighting the IPL's extensive reach. In the 2023 IPL season, from March 31st to May 29th, there was an average of 457,000 posts per day from teams, players and fans alike, showcasing the widespread engagement with the event.

Leveraging Conversations For Brand Growth

In 2023, influencers significantly contributed to the IPL's marketing fervour, offering brands an authentic path to consumer engagement. The content created by influencers, particularly on Instagram, seamlessly blended with the ongoing cricket discourse, embedding brand messages organically into trending reels. This approach not only elevated brand visibility but also strengthened brand loyalty by resonating with the audience on a personal level.

Product Roll-outs Amidst IPL Fever

The IPL season is an opportune moment for new product launches, offering visibility unparalleled by other festive periods. Last season, influencers played a crucial role in generating pre-launch buzz, effectively reaching targeted demographics. Brands launching products found influencers' content not just raised awareness but also sparked interest, ensuring the new offerings reached the right audience at the right time.

Boosting Engagement Through Offers And Discounts

Influencer collaborations during the IPL serve as a powerful mechanism for promoting brand offers, contests and discounts, leading to significant conversions and customer retention. Influencers can share exclusive deals to motivate purchases among their followers, creating a win-win scenario for both brands and consumers.

Optimising IPL 2024 Strategies 

Insights from the 2023 IPL season, sourced from our platform, underscore the effectiveness of influencer marketing in enhancing campaign reach and engagement. Entertainment and sports influencers emerged as key players, with standout collaborations from brands like Dream11 and Gugobet leading in engagement. Alongside these, collaborations by Thums Up, Reliance Foundation, Ubon, and Nippon Paint further demonstrated the significant impact of strategic influencer partnerships. These insights reveal the potential for brands to amplify their IPL 2024 campaigns by aligning with the right influencers, offering a roadmap for leveraging IPL’s vast audience engagement opportunities.

Looking Ahead To IPL 2024

The upcoming IPL season presents brands with a renewed opportunity to maximise the impact of influencer marketing. Drawing insights from past successes, brands can refine their strategies to align perfectly with their target audience, fully capitalising on the expansive reach of the IPL. From new product roll-outs and sparking brand conversations to presenting exclusive deals, influencer marketing stands as a crucial strategy for brands seeking significant achievements during the IPL season.

As we gear up for IPL 2024, brands that engage in strategic planning and form the right influencer partnerships have a golden opportunity to elevate their presence and meaningfully connect with audiences.

(The author is Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, co-Founder and CEO, Qoruz)

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