How Influencers Are Forging Deeper Audience Bonds Than Bollywood Celebrities?

One of the main reasons influencers resonate more profoundly with their audience is their ability to make people believe their aspirations are achievable, writes Sahil Chopra

In a time where digital screens hold our gaze more than anything else, it’s worth asking what or who exactly hooks us as we scroll through social media. While Bollywood has long ruled the hearts of the masses, the time has changed now. It’s the influencers who have taken centre stage, and for good reason. How? By bringing in a mix of authentic and relatable content that appeals to the audience at a deeply human level, making them not just trendsetters but genuine community builders.

Unlike the dreamy lives of Bollywood celebrities, influencers keep it real by offering something that’s more grounded. Whether they are tech enthusiasts or food connoisseurs, influencers give you a peek into their lives. This life feels attainable compared to star-studded lifestyles often secluded on faraway islands.

Take niche influencers in genres like wellness or beauty, for example. They aren’t merely experts giving advice; they’re real people sharing real stories. The kind of authenticity they bring is what helps them pull the masses, in sharp contrast to Bollywood celebrities whose grand lives are more of a fantasy than a relatable narrative.

Influencers credit this unparalleled edge to authenticity. They aren’t only capturing the best parts of their lives but also sharing the whole picture – flaws, struggles, failures and mundane routines. This truthfulness translates into relatability, making them not just public figures but relatable individuals.

Interactivity is another crucial facet of the influencer landscape. Influencers make it a point to engage with their audiences by actively participating in discussions, shaping a culture of inclusion. They share their learnings, allowing their followers to be comfortable in their own skin. However, authenticity eludes the world of Bollywood.

One of the main reasons influencers resonate more profoundly with their audience is their ability to make people believe their aspirations are achievable. While Bollywood celebrities are often seen as having lofty ideals, influencers give you a sense of reality and make you feel you can too fulfil similar aspirations.

This rare skill for combining relatability with aspiration changes their status from social media celebrities to go-to experts. What sets influencers apart is not simply their captivating content but their ability to connect with the audience on an intimate level.

Influencers stand out because they blend their dreams with their real stories. When we scroll through social media and see many profiles, the ones that get our attention are those influencers who mix their inspiring goals with their true selves. It’s not easy in a world full of perfect-looking posts, but they provide a refreshing change from the glamorous world of Bollywood stars, making them more relatable.

In the end, it’s the human connection that gives influencers a distinctive edge. Their stories, brimming with genuine emotions and experiences, resonate in ways that the sparkle of

Bollywood can rarely match. In today’s digital age, where relatability trumps sheer glamour, influencers are the new celebrities, capturing hearts and building communities through the sheer power of authentic storytelling.

(Sahil Chopra is the Founder & CEO of iCubesWire)

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