How Life Is Changing For Crayons Post SME Board Listing

Chairman Kunal Lalani's vision drives Crayons Advertising's tech-infused success and future market dominance in 2024

SME IPOs or Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Initial Public Offerings have become an avenue for SMEs to boost visibility, access diverse funding sources and fuel expansion plans.

With Crayons Advertising, led by Chairman and Managing Director Kunal Lalani, the IPO initiated in June 2023 played a crucial role in the company's transformative journey. The IPO fostered immense growth with an issue size of Rs 41.80 crore and a listing price of Rs 90. As of 26 January 2024, the market price has surged to Rs 237.

Tech-enabled Powerhouse

Crayons Advertising strategically opted for an IPO as a step toward becoming a tech-enabled powerhouse. Lalani articulated the vision, stating, "Our goal is to pioneer proprietary tech solutions empowering companies to achieve marketing objectives with cutting-edge technology." The deliberate choice of an SME IPO aligns with the company's ambition to eventually list on the main board, offering immediate capital for expansion.

In alignment with the expansion strategy, the company has initiated the establishment of our production studio.

On the transformative journey, Lalani shares, "While the blueprint for the remaining path of transforming successfully as a technology-enabled marketing communications agency lies ready with us to implement over the next two years, the immediate impact of the IPO was phenomenal for us as a business".

Is Experiential Solutions the Future?

Lalani envisions the company's future by investing in technology-enabled experiential solutions across diverse verticals, expressing a bullish outlook on digital as the next frontier for aggressive expansion.

In response to future growth avenues, Lalani mentioned, "We are exploring partnerships that can strategically aid our offerings as well as our footprint across

markets", hinting at the company's commitment to continuous innovation and expansion.

He remains optimistic about the advertising sector's outlook in 2024, preparing to capitalise on the trends, armed with a comprehensive suite of services ranging from digital marketing to film production.

As 2024 unfolds, Lalani is optimistic about the advertising sector and Crayons Advertising's prospects. He anticipates continued growth in digital marketing, increased momentum in events and activations and a resurgence in out-of-home advertising.

Rising Demand

With the evolving demands of the industry, he asserts, "As for film production, the demand for compelling visual content is on the rise." He further adds, " Media planning and buying continue to be critical components of successful advertising campaigns, and our strategic approach, coupled with data-driven insights, will enable us to optimise our clients' media investments effectively."

The SME sector's growth in India presents a dual opportunity. Lalani notes, "We are adapting our services to cater to the specific needs of SMEs, offering budget-friendly, digital-centric strategies that align with their growth objectives."