Infusing Tech Marketing With Gen Z Appeal

4700 BC's Abhishek Kumar advocates merging tech with Gen Z preferences for transformative experiences

An era is emerging at the crossroads of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and the fancies of Gen Z. As the pioneers of the digital age, Gen Z not only navigates seamlessly through technological advancements but also influences and shapes them.

"Building a brand is hard. Building a brand by inventing and improvising in chaos is harder. Building a brand in chaos with limited money is hardest. But it's fun and worth it," proclaims Abhishek Kumar of 4700 BC.

Kumar envisions the intersection as a redefining moment in the marketing strategies. According to him, technology and AI play a pivotal role in creating marketing campaigns that generate maximum impact.

Kumar highlights a campaign featuring Shahrukh Khan during Diwali, where personalised messages were sent to retail outlets, promoting each store as an ad. The use of AI allowed for personalised engagement without Khan physically endorsing each outlet, showcasing the transformative capabilities of technology in marketing.

He emphasises the evolving dimensions of marketing, noting, "The wow factor today for us is seeing something very new in marketing in a very long time."

Kumar elaborates on the evolving dynamics of marketing, underscoring that while traditional emphasis has been on language and visual presentation, the advent of technology, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has opened up new frontiers for exploration. He stresses, "There are vast possibilities offered by these technologies, presenting an opportunity to go beyond conventional communication forms."

"Create your own definition of advertising. And own it completely," advises Kumar to aspiring marketers of the future.

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