Intel Partners With Carat & 91mobiles Intercepting Laptop Buyer Behaviour

The campaign aims to dominate the laptop market in 2023 with an innovative approach, leveraging 3D webpages and gamer-centric content hub

Intel collaborated with Carat and 91mobiles for a campaign 'Intercepting the laptop buyer behavior.' The campaign aims to enable the brand to dominate the laptop market in 2023. To showcase the advantages of Intel's extensive product range, the campaign introduced an innovative marketing approach, featuring a 3D webpage and a content hub focused on gamers.

Commenting on the campaign, Apurva Jani, Marketing Director, Sales, Marketing & Communications Group, Intel India said, “While the awareness of Intel EVO is strong, our focus this year was to increase consideration in the minds of laptop buyers. We realised the importance of nudging the consumers at the right time in their research and buying journey with the right communication/messaging for Intel EVO laptops. Carat team helped us identify the right partner – 91mobiles to leverage this opportunity through various touchpoints on the platform and smart integrations in an effective manner.”

For campaign execution, Carat utilised its exclusive tool CCS (Consumer Connected System), a comprehensive single-source database that covers various media touchpoints. The agency harnessed this tool to gain insights into the buying behaviours of laptop shoppers online. These insights were derived from 91mobiles.

Sanchayeeta Verma, CEO, Carat India added, “91mobiles has been a key strategic partner for the last couple of years for Intel. It has been the go-to research site for tech enthusiasts and laptop buyers. This enabled us to intercept these users in their purchase journey and build resonance for Intel EVO laptops with innovative marketing solutions. The results have certainly been quite impressive.”

91mobiles promoted Intel EVO laptops as high-performance devices by targeting premium shoppers using competitor devices. They redirected these shoppers to a new Intel EVO 3D Interactive page, offering an engaging experience with explainer cards showcasing Intel EVO benefits and user feedback. Custom list pages were created for easy laptop selection, and Intel's 13th Gen hero gaming laptops were highlighted for their gaming performance.

Nitin Mathur, Founder and CEO, 91mobiles commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Carat and Intel to build salience for Intel machines among 91mobiles platform users for the third year in a row. This partnership is a testament to 91mobiles’ ability to target hi-intent and tech-savvy users at scale with custom marketing solutions that set new industry benchmarks.”

To cater to new gamers, there was also a microsite with curated articles, videos, and the official Intel social feed, to educate them about the performance of Intel 13th gen.