Irus Collaborates With Kartik Aaryan For New Ad Campaign

The campaign highlights the brand's diverse range of eyewear options, appealing to fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike

Irus, launches its second campaign, ‘All Eyes On Me’ featuring actor Kartik Aaryan. The collaboration brings together the essence of contemporary fashion of the brand and the magnetism of Aaryan.

The campaign captures the spirit of Irus, known for its cutting-edge designs and trendsetting fashion statements. On the other hand, Aaryan embodies the brand's vision and resonates with the target audience of fashion-forward individuals. The actor has been featured in a series of captivating visuals showcasing the latest collection of  the brand. The campaign will also highlight the brand's diverse range of eyewear options, appealing to fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.
Kartik Aaryan, the face of the brand believes that the “All Eyes on Me” campaign fully reflects his personality. He further expressed that the brand has become a revolutionary in the sector as an eyewear brand that truly understands the desires of its young audience.

Ruebec Bokhari, Marketing Head of Irus Eyewear stated, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Kartik Aaryan for our 'All Eyes on Me' campaign. Our new collection features a beautiful range of shapes and impeccable colours that we believe will be a game changer in the eyewear industry. For a collection inspired by the city hues and youth inspiration, we needed a game-changing launch plan that would get all eyes on us, and that’s what we’ve done".

Expressing his enthusiasm, Prasad Rao, Executive Creative Director at Makani Creatives, conveyed, "The IRUS collection is stunning and it is sure to grab attention. To top that, we have an ambassador who is a youth heartthrob and a trendsetter, Kartik Aaryan. With this campaign, we wanted to get all eyes on the wide and dynamic range of products the brand has. That’s why the campaign is created to be a visual delight, complimented by Kartik’s swag and flair. We are confident that it will connect profoundly with today’s generation”.

Yashtika Vaswani, Digital Marketing Head, Makani Creatives, added, "We take pride in our ability to create campaigns that are not only visually appealing but also tell a story. With 'All Eyes On Me’ we have pushed the envelope and delivered a campaign that captures the essence of IRUS Eyewear.”

The idea behind launching the summer collection with trendsetters from the film fraternity is a way to show the brand’s way of embracing the generation that is always the main character in their life.

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