JK Lakshmi Cement Promotes The Concept Of Adoption

In a new film, conceptualised along with BC Web Wise, the brand talks about a 'buland soch'

JK Lakshmi Cement launched their new brand film “Adoption” with a bang, keeping their tagline “India Ab Soch Karo Buland” intact with the intention to bring a difference to the world for the better.  
Conceptualised by JK Lakshmi Cement and BC Web Wise, the film strongly puts out the concept of adoption through a unique story. The brand strongly believes that vital steps make a big difference and that vital steps of making a big difference begin at your home, with your ‘buland soch’.
A film showcasing a young couple's unconventional bond, rooted in their progressive mindset. They embrace an elderly woman from an old age home as their mother, inspiring viewers to consider adopting the elderly with an open heart.

Commenting on the DVC, Aseem Saxena, General Manager of Marketing Service of JK Lakshmi Cement said, the DVC is all about a ‘buland soch’,  it not only portrays a story of adopting a mother but also highlights the truth that not all relationships are built by blood; the warmth of love and an attitude to make the world a better place to live in can build a bond too.  

Speaking about the DVC, Gaurang Menon, Chief Creative Officer of BC Web Wise, said, “ ’Buland Soch’ is a powerful brand message and we wanted to make it come alive through this film. The film conceptualised is the result of a wonderful co-creation between team JKLC and team BC Web Wise. It's a story that is far from the ordinary or the mundane.  This is truly a brand film with a soul.”

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