MCaffeine’s New Campaign Revolves on 'Too Much To Handle' Theme

The ad campaign presents a warning that comes with the usage of mCaffeine products, making its consumers simple to detect in any situation, featuring Alia Bhatt

MCaffeine unveiled their new campaign, 'Up For Life,' featuring actor, Alia Bhatt. With a comical twist, the ad presents a warning that comes with the usage of mCaffeine products, making its consumers simple to detect in any situation.

The digital campaign presents Bhatt and mCaffeine's, the Coffee Body Wash, with the theme 'Too Much To Handle!'. This campaign delivers a series of advertising aimed at promoting the unique and energising aspects of the brand's caffeine-based products. It features two brand films, one of which shows the actor grooving in her own space and the other showcasing her unique welcome style, which is characterised by crazy energy.

Speaking about mCaffeine's body care range, Bhatt commented, “To be honest, I absolutely love mCaffeine's body care range. It really boosts my energy and prepares me for the day ahead. Simply put, it keeps me charged up! The main reason behind this is the presence of Caffeine, their key ingredient, which not only revitalises my skin but also invigorates my senses.”

Responding to the vision behind 'Too Much To Handle', Tarun Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, mCaffeine, said, “In this campaign, with Alia, we are defining the after-effects of using mCaffeine's Coffee Body Wash range. The experience that comes with the Caffeine rush is surreal. It pumps you up so much that it becomes difficult to handle! It helps you bring out your true inner self and gets you ready for life.”

Adding to this, Vaishali Gupta, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder said, “We have always pledged to distinguish our products from what the industry has to offer. The inclusion of our single yet hero ingredient, Caffeine, has carved a niche that sets us apart. It is not only the benefits of Caffeine that help create an impact but also the energizing after-effects it adds to an individual's lifestyle.”

Amit Akali, CCO & Co-founder, WYP Wondrlab India said “mCaffeine is a unique body care product. That’s why we adopted a unique quirky tone of voice with crazy situations like getting an MRI. The point is that someone’s energy isn’t just infectious but makes them the life of any situation. Alia’s natural enthusiasm and fun personality were just the perfect brew.”     

The brand believes that Bhatt truly embodies their brand persona and the 'Up For Life' theme. With this campaign, they hope to represent all individuals who seek the energising effects of caffeine, enjoy the excitement of each day, and try to make a positive difference. Their carefully created goods, such as the Coffee Body Washes line, enable them to take possibilities every day.