Max's Festive Campaign Emphasises Affordability & Celebrates Individual Style

The campaign will be showcased on Hotstar during the ICC World Cup 2023 series

Max unveiled its new festive campaign, 'Unbelievable,' focussing on delivering maximum style while keeping prices to a minimum. Comprising two videos, the campaign underscores the brand's commitment to providing budget-friendly fashion.

The first film, 'Angel Boss,' features a woman in a Max Fashion outfit, leaving her colleagues in disbelief. When one of them asks if she got it with cashback, the idea of having an angelic boss as generous as cashback becomes a reality.

The second film, 'Alien Mom,' showcases a fashionable teen who bought a trendy jacket with his pocket money. When his friend humorously comments about his mother being an alien, Joey's alien mom appears.

Pallavi Pandey, Head of Marketing at Max Fashion India, expressed the brand's dedication to celebrating individuality and style by offering exciting and engaging content that aligns with their core message of "Max Style Min Price." The campaign encourages everyone in the family to shop during the festive season and celebrate with Max.

The campaign will be shown on Hotstar during the ICC World Cup 2023 series and televised on regional TV channels as well as YouTube in various Indian metropolises, such as Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai.