Media.Monks Organises Virtual Production Open House For Filmmakers

Robert Godinho, MD-India, Media.Monks tells BW Marketing World why they held an open house on virtual production and how this would disrupt and ease the process of film-making in future

Media Monk Workshop

Short video platforms like Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, etc. have played a crucial role in making content the king. With an expected growth at a CAGR of 15.9 per cent during 2021 to 2028, the global content market content has been a point of attraction with spends at USD 220 billion.

Media.Monks, a creative production company, organised an open house on virtual production. The open house comprised masterclasses that taught film-makers about creative approach behind virtual production, from pre-production to post-production and hands on production demo, lighting, different use cases and possibilities.

In an exclusive chat with BW Marketing World, Robert Godinho, MD-India, Media.Monks shares the idea and thought behind this initiative. He says, “We visited few studios and saw the work that is going out. We realised that virtual production can kill our business. We organised this workshop to show that virtual production has a success story to it rather than a cheap solution. So, the reason was to educate and aware the people.”

Why is virtual production important?

Virtual Production, a film-making technique, is a subset of technologies like metaverse, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., and their emergence has shifted the focus of brands towards innovative campaigns implying such technology. Talking about the same, Godinho adds, “Brands are at a space of evolution now. Earlier, the brands focused being an evangelist of message. But now when internet is more of an interactive tool, brands cannot have a top-notch communication rather an interactive approach towards the conversation.”

The production house has already started collaborating on this technique with the brands such as Cadbury, Bajaj, Mondelez, Tata, etc. This method is not only a pocket-friendly option for ad films but also time-saving. Sharing the insights on same, Gayatri Sethi, SVP-Growth, Media.Monks says, “Brands have two perspective, which are either cost saving or time saving. They enjoy this technology because of the ease of convenience. It is not only efficient but saves time.”

About collaboration with film-makers

John Paite, Chief Creative Officer, Media.Monks and the brain behind conducting masterclasses shares, “Directors and Cinematographers have to learn about the tools we are offering and it was the first step towards that. When they would get to know about the techniques, they will be able to collaborate with us on their ideas.”

The disruption of virtual production has eased the film-making process in various ways, be it saving time, money and energy or bringing the vision to reality. According to Godinho, when it comes to virtual production versus conventional film, the technique has an opportunity to be the saving tool. It can save the costs from 20 to 40 per cent.

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