MullenLowe Unveils New Brand Identity

The new octopus logo does not follow logical rules and defies all forms of symmetry and rigidity

MullenLowe unveils its new global identity and revamped positioning, designed to unify the network across 57 markets and differentiate it from competitors. MullenLowe sees the octopus evolve from an operational mascot to a kindred spirit who graphically reflects how brands must grow today.

According to research studies, innovative brands grow at twice the rate of their competitors, while brands that continue to innovate grow seven times faster.

Kristen Cavallo, CEO of MullenLowe Global said, “Our icon offers the perfect metaphor. The octopus has survived over 300 million years precisely because of its fluidity and ability to adapt. It is the only organism that routinely self-edits its own DNA—a model for how brands should behave today.”

MullenLowe U.S. created the new brand identity, which was led by João Paz, head of design.

“We want to challenge the way brands show up in the world. Our octopus is not afraid of change; it’s in its nature, its DNA. We embraced that with a fully generative identity, crafted to show personalisation at scale,” says Paz.

The new logo does not follow logical rules. It defies all forms of symmetry and rigidity. It alters, moves, and behaves differently since it has no corners or end points. “Our octopus is alive. It has a will, a personality, and, above all, it wants to move. With its endless twists and turns, it has the freedom to reinvent itself infinitely,” adds Paz.

MullenLowe encourages its worldwide workforce of over 4,000 people to create their own octopus utilising a generative app. “We want the design system to reflect who we are and allow each person who’s part of MullenLowe to make their own mark,” says Paz. The octopus can be customised for email signatures, social and profile icons, and even the background of an Apple Watch for its users.

The fluid octopus is coupled with a custom wordmark that is stark, dependable, and firm in its logical Serif approach. It grounds the octopus' wackiness by fusing emotion and logic. While the octopus welcomes the new, the wordmark honours the past and the agency's lengthy heritage.

A pattern was devised to signify inclusivity and the coming together of all the unique expressions and people that make up MullenLowe, in addition to all of its distinct iterations.

The system features its own unique typographic treatment to complete the visual identity. The octopus' tentacles change into letters and numbers, forming a complete typeface from A to Z and 0 to 9.

The new identity has been implemented throughout all of the agency's communication touchpoints, including its website and social media. It will be embedded on office walls and accompanied by much-anticipated swag. Beyond design, the new appearance instills newfound enthusiasm, pride, and confidence in the network's next chapter.

Cavallo added, “This is more than just a logo redesign. We have a point of view on how brands grow, and we built our identity and voice to reflect that belief. In a rapidly changing world, more of the same is not the path to long-term success. Brands need to earn and continually defend their unfair share of attention. Products might be boring, but brands can never afford to be.”