Musk Offers 50% Discount On X/Twitter Ads With A Twist

Marketers risk losing their verified badges if a specific amount of platform funds isn’t used on X (Twitter)

Elon Musk offered to reduce the cost of advertising by over 50 per cent in an effort to persuade businesses to return to 'X', or Twitter as popularly known. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the platform is also providing incentives on specific types of ads in the US and the UK.

However, there is a twist. According to emails sent to businesses, marketers risk losing their verified badges if they don't use a specific amount of platform funds, the Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the email, businesses will lose their gold verification mark as of August 7 if they haven't spent at least $1,000 on advertising in the past 30 days or $6,000 on advertising in the past 180 days. 

Up until July 31, X is providing businesses with a 50 per cent discount on video advertising that appear next to the hot subjects.

Given the concerns from businesses around brand name imitation, verification becomes a crucial component of the platform. Since Musk made badges "saleable," there have been instances of criminals misusing brand names and presenting themselves as legitimate companies.

Since Musk took control of the platform, X or Twitter, it has seen a big decline in advertising spending. Brands claim that the platform's strategy and content control has given them cause for concern. Limited posting, viewership, and brand impersonation have all been key concerns.