Panasonic New Campaign Illuminates Festive Moments In Indian Homes

Panasonic celebrates the festival of lights with innovative lighting solutions, reinforcing the message, 'Kyunki Tyoharon Me Lights Sirf Jalni Nahin, Jagmagani Chahiye'

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) releases the 'Adorn Your Life with Right Light' campaign to celebrate festive moments in Indian homes. The campaign highlights the significance of lighting and showcases the brand's extensive range of lighting products.

Sunil Narula, Senior Vice President- Sales & Marketing Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “India is a country of festival and lights, marking an important time for Panasonic as a lighting brand. The motive was to bring out the essence of and the range that Panasonic has to offer. The lighting category plays a huge role especially for Panasonic as a brand, this segment is a growing category and marks an innovative space for us to build our growth, especially during the festive season. Our aim to make consumers aware of our offerings.”

The ad illustrates how the power and essence of 'The Right Light' can illuminate our environment and infuse a festive ambience, even in the most mundane surroundings. It reinforces the campaign's message encapsulated in the slogan, ‘Kyunki Tyoharon Me Lights Sirf Jalni Nahin, Jagmagani Chahiye’.    

Raja Mukherjee Head - Business Group and Sr Vice President - Lighting Business, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “Lighting is an integral part of any festival in India. It adds an additional dimension and enriches the ambience of your home, temples, roads, malls, parks etc. The entire country “decks up” with lighting. With state-of-the-art energy-efficient sources, our lighting helps to save over 50 % of energy compared to the conventional sources and with controls, saves another 15 to 20 % of further energy. These lights are available with various CCTs right from red, green, blue, pink, amber, warm, warm white, cool day light etc. to name a few. They set the festive mood in the true sense and impact the emotional state of an individual. With RoHS compliant Panasonic lighting, light up your festive mood.”

The film will be aired on various digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.