Park Avenue's New Campaign Ignite Youth's Courage To Go Bold

The TVC is created by Wunderman Thompson India for Park Avenue Fragrance Deo

Wunderman Thompson India’s new commercial for Park Avenue Fragrance Deo, starring actor Siddhant Chaturvedi encourages men to conquer their fears and go forth boldly in every situation. In a unique collaboration, Chaturvedi not only stars in the TVC but also lends his soulful voice to the captivating song that sets the mood for the ad.

The highlight of this film is Chaturvedi's stage dive into an enthusiastic crowd. He's enjoying himself at the rock performance, but he's nervous about his first stage dive. That's when Park Avenue gives him the courage to go ahead and do the stage dive. The deodorant's unique formulation has captivating and refreshing fragrances, ensuring freshness and confidence throughout the day. 

Commenting on the campaign, Pooja Sahgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Park Avenue, said, “Our campaign ‘Spray kar, aage badh’ draws inspiration from the insight that everyone, regardless of their background or profession, experiences nervousness when trying something for the first time. Park Avenue Fragrance Deo for Men recognises the importance of overcoming these inhibitions, enabling men to embrace their ambitions and reach for the stars. The film features a youthful personality like actor Siddhant Chaturvedi, who is not only performing but is also singing, adding a more personalised touch to the campaign.”

Anurag Tandon, Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson, Mumbai, said, ”The category has traditionally operated on either attraction or success. We wanted to steer clear of both those narratives and root our work closer to the real emotion around grooming i.e., the need to feel prepared in moments that put you under some kind of scrutiny. We feel confident in the ability of this narrative to connect with the younger audiences and create a differentiated image and preference for the brand.”