Pepsi Introduces Modern Global Design, Unveils New Logo At Gateway Of India

Pepsi unveils its first global redesign in fourteen years, introducing a modern colour palette of electric blue and black. The new logo's pulse embodies the lively spirit of Pepsi-Cola

Pepsi has globally unveiled its first redesign in fourteen years, showcasing the new Pepsi globe logo at iconic locations worldwide. The Gateway of India witnessed the debut of the new Pepsi visual identity through a stylish inflatable installation, marking a major shift in the brand's look.

The recently introduced logo pays homage to Pepsi's historical identity while infusing contemporary elements to present a design that is unmistakably current and distinctly Pepsi. The modernised colour scheme introduces electric blue and black, providing a contemporary twist to the timeless Pepsi colour palette. Additionally, the Pepsi pulse in the logo captures the essence of 'ripple, pop, and fizz' reminiscent of Pepsi-Cola, syncing with the rhythm of music, the energy of the crowd and the heartbeat of culture.

Shailja Joshi, Category Lead, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India, said: “We are thrilled to reveal Pepsi's refreshed visual identity and new logo, embodying unapologetic modernity and the iconic status of Pepsi. The fresh design language reflects the invigorating spirit of Indian youth and their boundless pursuit of possibilities. The unveiling of Pepsi's updated visual identity at the iconic Gateway of India, through a unique installation, signifies our celebration of an exciting new chapter. We’re delighted to bring the new logo to India and are positive that Pepsi enthusiasts nationwide will embrace and connect with the bold new era of the brand in 2024.”

The takeover of a monument in India signifies the initial move in Pepsi's new phase encompassing design, storytelling and collaborations. Throughout 2024, Pepsi remains committed to propelling culture forward by providing unique experiences while honouring individuals' desire for the unexpected and their enthusiasm to explore, encounter and achieve more.

Advocating for those who embrace the unconventional and savour their true preferences, Pepsi enthusiasts in India are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming memorable experiences set to unfold later this year.

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