Prabhuji Sweets & Namkeens Partner With Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna For New Campaign

The campaign is conceptualised by Collective Creative Labs

Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens collaborates with actors Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna for an ad campaign. This partnership blends the diverse flavours of India with the glamour of Bollywood.

Speaking about this collaboration,  Manish Agarwal, Managing Director of Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are thrilled to have partnered with two of the most iconic figures in the Indian film industry, Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna. This collaboration not only showcases our commitment to providing authentic Indian flavours to the world but also celebrates our rich heritage and the love our customers have shown us over the years. We believe these films will resonate with people across the globe and inspire them to savour the taste of India."

The five-film campaign creatively delves into the history of Bhujia while celebrating popular treats like Gulab-Jamun & Rosogolla in our daily festivities. 

Elaborating on the creative journey, Smriti Sharma Bhaskar, Chief Creative Officer at Collective Creative Labs, remarked, "This campaign transcends the mere promotion of products; it is an endeavour to evoke emotions, stir nostalgia, and forge a lasting connection between Prabhuji and our audience. It pays homage to India's rich heritage and flavours, pays tribute to those daily moments when we relish these delicacies, and celebrates the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity. The presence of Shah Rukh and Rashmika has added an extraordinary charm to this endeavour."

The collaboration is brought to you by Collective Creative Labs.