Re'equil's Latest Campaign Breaks Stereotypes On International Men's Day

The campaign, 'Apnon ko Jhijhakne Nahi, Jeetne Do' sheds light on the often silent struggles faced by effeminate men, urging for a world that embraces diversity and acceptance

Re'equil disrupts societal norms through its 'Apnon ko Jhijhakne Nahi, Jeetne Do' campaign, defying stereotypes. Unveiled on International Men's Day, the campaign urges individuals to break free from labels and actively champion their loved ones.

In a short film, Re'equil sheds light on the silent and hidden challenges confronted by effeminate men. From internal struggles and insecurities to enduring societal judgments, ridicule, and bullying from family and peers, the film serves as a testament to their resilience and emphasises the importance of a world that embraces diversity and acceptance.

The film traces the life journey of a boy from childhood to adulthood. It commences with instances of the boy being dressed in girls' clothing for his parents' amusement, later transforming into hypocritical disapproval when he willingly embraces activities and mannerisms perceived as 'feminine.' As he enters his teenage years, the disapproval escalates, compelling him to conceal his true self, haunted by the fear of taunts and teasing from those around him. This internal struggle persists into adulthood, where he feels that he has lost touch with his authentic self amidst the ongoing battle against societal expectations.

Through this initiative, Re’equil aspires to motivate a new generation of men who prioritise kindness and reshape the definition of masculinity on their terms. The goal is to build a society that not only embraces individuals for their authentic selves but also nurtures their uniqueness, mirroring Re’equil's commitment to catering to its diverse customer base.

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