Role Of Animation In Brand Communication & Its Influence On Content Creation

Given the immense potential of animation, it is safe to say that animation is currently the hottest trend influencing content creation among growth-oriented businesses

The last decade has spawned an explosion of visual content. And brands are increasingly capitalising on a wide range of visual assets to appeal to their target audience. While images are the most common form of visual communication, brands are now embracing animation, like never before, to strengthen their visual communication efforts. Animation has now emerged as a powerful tool to engage audiences and this trend is expected to continue given the proliferation of advanced technologies in the animation industry.

While animation was earlier perceived as something exclusively for the kids, it has now evolved to appeal to mature audiences. From the entertainment to the education industry, animation is now a key component of visual communication for businesses across industries. Product explainer videos or e-learning videos in educational apps, and animation have proved to bridge gaps and immerse audiences much better than other forms of content.

Let's explore in detail why animation is a vital ingredient in business marketing strategies.

1. Conveys message in an easy-to-understand manner

Businesses are often faced with the challenge of effectively communicating complex information to audiences. Animation can help resolve this challenge as it helps convert complex bits of information into an easily digestible format. Product USPs are often best conveyed through animation as it holds audience's attention and draws viewer attention to specific product features. Audiences connect well with animated content simply because it is entertaining and quickly gets the message across.

2. Offers more scope for creativity

Animation offers endless possibilities for businesses to be imaginative and creative with their content. Businesses that use animation can stand out from the competition with compelling content that is innovative and eye-catching. Animation offers more scope for creativity as it doesn’t have to be too accurate or realistic. Brands can better infuse humour and fun elements into animated content, experiment with new content ideas and increase audience engagement with far more effectiveness. Since animation has always been perceived as a tool for entertainment, people are more likely to watch animated content than traditional ads.

3. Easy to update content without reshoot

Animated content can be easily adapted to changing needs of businesses. Businesses always need to be on top of their game with content that is relevant and resonates with the audience. Animation is a highly cost-effective tool as it helps businesses refresh their marketing collateral without reshoots. Whether it is taking a different approach to visuals or changing a brand message, animated content offers more scope for businesses to adapt visual assets effortlessly. The videos could be edited and marketed in no time without having to go through the excruciating process of reshooting the entire video.

4. Simplifies learning for students

The education landscape is undergoing major transformations with teaching and learning processes increasingly shifting to online platforms. Animation has proved a valuable tool to simplify the learning process for students. Animation takes away boredom from learning and makes it an enjoyable experience for students. Even academically poor students find learning more interesting with animated content. Animation can present challenging concepts in a completely new perspective which enhances knowledge retention. Businesses in the education industry are widely using animation to create interactive content. Animation also helps surmount the age barrier as learners of all ages can benefit from content created with gripping narratives.

5. Establishes an emotional connection

Animation is an excellent medium to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Storytelling through animated characters can be used to spark the desired emotional responses. It leaves a lasting impression on the audience by blending sound, color and motion to shape a positive consumer attitude.

Animation helps reduce production costs and time which has made it a popular marketing tool among businesses. Likeable characters, pleasant sound effects and attractive visuals have a positive effect on the audience. Animation has applications in a wide range of industries and businesses are leveraging animation to draw prospective customers and generate more revenue. Animation results in greater consumer involvement which eventually translates into higher brand recognition and recall. Given the immense potential of animation, it is safe to say that animation is currently the hottest trend influencing content creation among growth-oriented businesses.

*The author is Hansa Mondal, COO, Ssoftoons

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