Role Of Ecommerce: Uncovering Innovation In The Era Of Contemporary Marketing

A brand’s focus on humanising technology should ensure that every interaction from the start of the customer journey to the end, is imbibed with a personalised touch

In a world that is increasingly enamoured by premium skincare, online shopping has become an experience, and goes beyond a mere transactional relationship between brand and consumer. International brands are now focusing on crafting exceptional individualised experiences, and this is precisely how Indian brands need to approach it.

Humanising Virtual Experiences

Supported by the correct mix of creativity and technology, creating a very premium shopping experience in the virtual world helps consumers experience the product like they would physically in-store. With an increased reliance on the internet, we have seen more consumers than ever switch over to online shopping, making it imperative to create new experiences for brand communities at a much lower cost and much faster compared to the traditional methods of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Brands need to focus on establishing meaningful connections with their customers.

Humanising technologies help consumers who are increasingly unable or unwilling to step out into malls or shops and interact with brands. While nothing is better than building in-person relationships with customers, today given the external factors that people in big cities face, like long work hours and worsening weather conditions it is important to understand the customer’s needs and wants, and come up with the best possible situation.

Providing individualised attention on a larger scale is extremely important here, as customers should feel special, and should experience a sophisticated shopping environment, even online. AI-driven skincare consultations are one such method in which one may achieve this experience. This further humanises the technological aspect of these services. Opposingly, going the brick-and-mortar route involves hiring talent for customer-facing roles which can be challenging and time-consuming. Using CRM tools instead, the shopping experience can be scaled virtually in a more cost-effective and timely manner while maintaining the premium quality associated with your brand.

Data = Power

Using data to understand consumer behaviour and preferences is a unique tool which allows brands to personalise offers, create product bundles, and include relevant freebies that add value for both the customer and the brand. This helps boost the prestigious image of the brand without compromising on quality and cost. With tools like Meta and Google able to collect extensive data, brands can efficiently reach their target audience at much lower costs, enabling them to tailor niche experiences for smaller, but geographically widespread audience groups. In India where cities are divided into tiers, and Tier 2 and 3 are often ignored when it comes to advertising premium products, these new technologies are particularly beneficial. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities might have a smaller number of high-spending individuals per town, but collectively they form a substantial audience.

One last step to ensuring a seamless luxury experience for customers has to extend to the final step of the customer journey. Ensuring the timely and blemish-free delivery of purchased products is a crucial aspect of showing a brand’s commitment to delivering a human touch in a digital world. With the way the Indian logistical options have developed, near-seamless shipping options allow brands to ship their products country-wide in a few days, adding a personal touch to every package that reaches a customer’s door.

In conclusion, a brand’s focus on humanising technology should ensure that every interaction from the start of the customer journey to the end, is imbibed with a personalised touch. This approach will not only set a brand apart in the competitive world of premium skincare but will also reinforce a brand’s commitment in the eyes of its audience to creating a cherished and memorable shopping experience while making its audience feel valued and heard.

(The author is Aman Mohunta, co-Founder, Aminu Skincare)

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