Sensodyne's New Campaign Educates Indians For Proactive Oral Care

The #BeSensitiveToOralHealth campaign aims to bridge the gap between general health practices and oral care awareness

Sensodyne introduced the #BeSensitiveToOralHealth campaign ahead of World Oral Health Day on March 20. The campaign aims to educate Indians about proactive oral care and promote access to quality dental services. 

Digital films are being released as part of the month-long campaign, encouraging individuals to take the first step towards better oral health. Additional educational resources will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Sensodyne addresses the overlooked oral health concerns of 60 per cent of Indians, as per WHO's 2022 report. With only 5 per cent seeking dental care and lacking prevalent dental insurance, the #BeSensitiveToOralHealth campaign urges individuals to 'Take The First Step.' Sensodyne emphasises daily oral health actions and aims to bridge the gap between general health practices and oral care awareness.

The campaign's 15-second brand films highlight the discrepancy between the careful consideration given to overall health aspects embracing green tea, mindful eating, yoga, and walking while unfortunately overlooking oral health. It emphasises the importance of proactive oral care through simple daily adjustments, such as choosing the right toothbrush, using proper techniques and opting for specialised toothpaste. The initiative also offers complimentary dental consultations, serving as personalised initial steps towards oral care.

Expressing her thoughts, Bhawna Sikka, Category Lead- Oral Healthcare, Haleon ISC, said, “We are committed to our core purpose of liberating people from sensitivity and making healthcare inclusive. Our campaign #BeSesnitiveToOralHelath is an endeavour to address both. With each piece of communication, we are not only trying to educate consumers on how to take the first step for their oral health by making small changes but also giving them the opportunity to better oral care access by offering free dental consultation.” 

The films are now live across popular platforms such as YouTube, OTTs, Meta among others.

Alongside digital films, the brand will establish a broad multimedia approach, including influencer partnerships, Spotify collaborations, podcasts, TV, radio and print campaigns. These efforts encourage individuals to overcome oral health inertia, motivating them to take the first step and providing complimentary dental check-ups in over 80 cities nationwide.

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