The Big Believer

Blackberry’s Aman Grover is an ardent believer in hard work and persistence driving success stories

In the dynamic world of marketing, the intersection of technology, Gen Z and advancements like AI is giving rise to some trailblazing strategies. “Gen Z is a very dicey bucket to work with. This is a cohort which is very easily influenced and their loyalty is not very strong,” says Aman Grover, Marketing Manager, Blackberrys, adding, “I think this is where technology comes in to create the loyalty and create that pull. Using technology to drive a personalised experience is the key to pull Gen Z to the brand.”

One of the key trends shaping the marketing industry is AI, there's a lot of debate about whether AI is going to take away jobs and prove detrimental to humanity. Grover would like to think differently. “I feel that with AI, we'll end up solving bigger problems. In the 90s, we had the IT boom, we solved bigger problems and that's how AI came in. So, now with AI coming in, I think we'll solve bigger marketing problems,” he says.

He underscores that there are certain pushbacks to adopting AI. “If you do not adopt it today, you will be obsolete tomorrow. Something like the BlackBerry phone,” he cautions.

Sharing advice for future marketers, Grover stresses, “Don't be afraid of risks, don't be afraid of failures. You will fail, you will fall but just keep going at it. There will be a time where you will be successful and probably win an award like me. Just don't be afraid of doing things. Believe in yourself.”