The Storyteller

Edelweiss MF mastered the storytelling format to make relatable and slice-of-life content under Manisha Dokania’s leadership

As one of the youngest asset management companies (AMCs), Edelweiss Mutual Fund, did not quite have the brand presence five years back like it does today. Manisha Dokania, the brand head at Edelweiss MF, has had the chance to experience the rise of the brand and played a pivotal role in building it over the last few years.

She has seen the AMC through phases when there was limited to no brand visibility and budgets were a big constraint. Edelweiss MF worked on the content it produced for its brand, which has truly differentiated it from its peer.

Staying The Course

“Our tonality, which is how we talk to consumers and the kind of experience we create for customers and distributors has helped us in this fight last five years,” says Dokania. Edelweiss MF adopted the storytelling format to make relatable and slice-of-life content under her leadership. This strategy helped improve its brand awareness and consideration over time.

Edelweiss MF today is known for its refreshing topical content, differentiated product communication and brand storytelling. It is often referred to as the ‘Amul’ of the BFSI community and much of its brand success is attributed to Dokania’s marketing leadership.

Building Brand Love

In over 12 years of experience in the BFSI space, Dokania has dabbled in all forms of marketing, spanning conventional advertising to innovative, new-age brand messaging through buzz marketing and digital media. Having worked with brands like Vodafone India, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund and HDFC Bank in her past roles, she brings a great deal of expertise to the marketing function at Edelweiss MF.

“My success mantra has always centred around harnessing the power of storytelling to optimise business opportunities, helping build brand love and earn customer trust,” she says.

A member of the Advertising Club of Mumbai, Dokania is also a keen advocate of ‘Building Brand You’ and is constantly on a quest to find her Ikigai, her reason for being.

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