Tic Tac Introduces Flavours To Drive Local Relevance

Tic Tac introduces nationwide Strawberry and Jeera-black salt pills, transforming the Indian mint experience with a blend of sweet strawberry and traditional Jeera-black salt for post-meals and on-the-go delight

Tic Tac, the confectionery brand under Ferrero India unveiled the nationwide introduction of two new flavors. The Tic Tac Strawberry pills join the core lineup, while the Tic Tac Seeds range introduces the Jeera-Black Salt pills. These flavours aim to revolutionise the Indian mint experience, offering a blend of sweet, refreshing strawberry and the depth of traditional Indian Jeera-black salt. Both variants boast a refreshing taste profile, combining minty freshness with a subtle touch of sweetness.

Tic Tac identified Strawberry as a highly favoured flavour within the fruit category, and Jeera-black salt as the preferred choice among Indian consumers in the mouth freshener category. Addressing a persistent demand, Tic Tac introduced these inventive flavours to meet the needs of both the sweet and savoury mouth freshener markets, ideal for post-meals, after-workouts, and on-the-go moments.

"At Tic Tac, we continue to delight consumers with a wide range of unique taste experiences. Tic Tac's delectable flavours Strawberry in core and Jeera-Black Salt from the Tic Tac Seeds range are proudly crafted in India, offering a unique blend of bold and complex flavours while maintaining local relevance. ," said Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head, Pills & Gums, Ferrero India.

The Jeera-black salt variant is the result of thorough research and development conducted at our R&D lab in Baramati, Pune. This well-balanced fusion of aromatic jeera and unique black salt is introduced exclusively for the Indian market, encapsulating the essence of Indian culinary traditions and bringing joy to the Indian palate.

Encased in pocket-sized packaging, Tic Tac Strawberry in the core and Jeera-black salt from the Tic Tac seeds range are crafted for ease and sharing moments with friends. 

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