Twitter Shuts Down Delhi & Mumbai Offices: Reports

Out of the three Twitter offices in India, only Bengaluru is still operational

According to the most recent reports, Twitter India has closed two of its three operations in India. Reports say, Twitter has purportedly sacked 90 per cent of its employees in India and is now running with a little over 12 people. Although this number is not official.

Before, Twitter had three offices in India. The office in Bengaluru is still operational. However, Delhi and Mumbai offices have been shut down.

As Elon Musk took over, Twitter began firing employees right, left and centre, and the staff in India had to suffer the same fate.  The recession made things much more mysterious. Also, Twitter laid off more than 50 per cent of its global personnel.

Recent comments by Elon Musk described the past three months as being really tough. He acknowledged that managing Tesla and SpaceX while trying to prevent Twitter from going out of business on his official Twitter account.

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