Usha International Extends Partnership With Mumbai Indians Women's Cricket Team

This association aligns with Usha's ethos to promote health, and active and joyful living through sports

Usha International is continuing its partnership with the Mumbai Indians women's team for the second consecutive year, building on the decade-long partnership. Echoing the team’s slogan ‘Aali Re’ (the women have arrived) Usha International will continue its journey with the Mumbai Indians family – a journey that promises to develop and strengthen women's cricket, both domestically and internationally.  

Komal Mehra, head of sports initiatives at Usha International, comments, “The incredible visibility and enthusiasm generated by the league's inaugural season have been truly inspiring. Our partnership with the Mumbai Indians aligns with Usha's ethos to promote health, and active and joyful living through sports. Joining hands with the MI Women's Team would contribute to sports development among women in India by showcasing the aspirational value of being a sportswoman demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity and sports for all.”

Speaking on the partnership, the Mumbai Indians spokesperson says, “Our decade-long collaboration with Usha International reflects the strength of our partnership. As both brands have evolved and grown, this journey is a testament to the seamless synergies we share. Here's to continued success and growth together."

Usha has been a fervent supporter and promoter of a wide range of inclusive sporting initiatives nationwide. This includes its affiliation with the Mumbai Indians; Ultimate Flying Disc; Football; Ladies Amateur and Junior Golf; Cricket for the deaf; and Sports for the visually challenged, including athletics, kabaddi, judo, and powerlifting. The brand is deeply committed to reviving long-forgotten sports and supporting indigenous Indian regional sports such as Kalaripayattu, Mallakhamb, Siat Khnam, Thang-Ta, Turai Kabaddi, Saz-Loung, Mardani Khel, Satoliya, Yoga, and Silambam.