WhatsApp Rolls Out New Features For Its Users

Like Instagram and Facebook, avatars can be created by users and placed as their profile photos

The new WhatsApp version has strengthened the 'Delete for me' feature's security. Users can now restore messages that were unintentionally deleted when they were meant for "Delete for Everyone."

The developers of the programme discovered that users occasionally press the incorrect button and send messages to the incorrect individual or group, thus they released this update. A new function called "accidental delete" is designed to shield users from these awkward circumstances.

Users of WhatsApp will now have a five-second window to click "Delete for Everyone" and undo the Accidental Delete. If they unintentionally choose "Delete for me" when they meant "Delete for everyone," they will have a little window of time to rapidly undo the deletion. The function is accessible to all Android and iPhone users.

WhatsApp has released a number of new features this year, including the ability to customise your online presence (hide your profile picture, status, and more), the ability to add 32 people to video calls, the ability to silently leave a group, communities, in-chat polls, and the ability to message oneself. 

Like Instagram and Facebook, avatars can be created by users and placed as their profile photos. 

One of the new features also include- after a recent 22.24.81 iOS update, profile icons of group members are now displayed in group chats. The conversation bubble will be accompanied by the profile icon.21 new emojis are being developed by WhatsApp for Android users. Popular emojis have been redesigned as part of the beta version.

Additionally, once the recipient has read a text message, it will vanish from the conversation. The messages cannot be copied or forwarded by users. When the feature is released, the screenshots will probably be prohibited, but it is not yet possible to ensure that.

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